Applying The Small Kitchen and Dining Room for Your Home

 Picture : @Desain_ruangmakan -- How do you have a kitchen and dining room that feels relieved, but it turns out that the space you have is very limited ? The solution is to unite the two spaces, because they have interrelated activities. No wonder many people decide to combine these two rooms for reasons of practically and want to maximize the function of the room. For those of you who are looking for inspiration, let's read article until it's finished !



Picture : @Desain_ruangmakan

In this small kitchen and dining room design, there is a small dining table that joins the side of the kitchen wall. This small table is located on the side of the kitchen which is perpendicular to the kitchen set which is also straight. Applying wood and white color, a natural and calm impresssion is seen in the design of this kitchen and dining room. 


Picture : @desain_ruangmakan

Wooden shades for the dining room are one of the favorite recommendations. The design of this kitchen and dining room is more complete with wood materials and glossy black ceramic finishing in the top kitchen area. The hexagonal patterned backplash wallpaper makes the impression of a kitchen that looks simple and small become more different. Add a unique pendant lamp lighting so that it looks even more charming.

Picture : @rumah_eklektik's

Applying this concept to the design of small kitchens and dining rooms makes air circulation more smoothly in the house. This design is also more energy efficient because it does not require lighting during the day. The design of the kitchen and dining room which blends in a position adjacent to garden beside the house makes the dining atmosphere fresher and calming.

 Picture : @evieninon

The standard measure for mobile circulation in the kitchen is 120 centimeters. It is a comfortable minimal size for cooking, picking up groceries, and walking. If you want to present a dining table in a unified kitchen but your kitchen area is relatively small, a folding dining table is the solution. It's easy to place, takes up less space, and stays efficient if you need a larger dining space.


Picture : @Desain_ruangmakan

Optimize the space by designing under the stairs as well as the built-in room located along the hallway under the stairs next to the window. This furniture can be used as a hidden storage warehouse. The kitchen set in black ceramic and brown wood accents the soft nuances of the dining room interior with a more environmentally friendly impression.


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