Small Outdoor Living Room Space Ideas


Outdor Living room by -  Outdoor living room is part of modern house designs which becomes very popular in recent years. You still have plenty of time to think about the design of an outdoor living room where it will fit in with your home, without you worrying that it is considered as an outdated design. In designing the outdoor living room, there really is not much trouble. All you need is a place, budget, furniture, and of course a good plan. Thank God we live in this modern age when everything is so easy to obtain, including ideas to make outdoor living space.

It would not be that difficult to make an amazing outdoor living room which can actually determine the beauty of your home. It is not only the design that makes your outdoor living room look classy, but also the furniture and accessories used.

There are at least four considerations to take when making an outdoor living room, including:

Floor. Do you create an outdoor living room on the grass, deck, gravel, or patio? Each has a different look to your outdoor living room.

Lighting. Are you going to use the light to your garden, or you want to provide different lighting in your outdoor lighting?


Ceiling design. Are you going to use shade trees around your backyard, use canvas canopy, or let it blend with the sky?


Wall. There are three favorite wall designs for outdoor living rooms. They are weeds, fences, and stone. All the components are made naturally. It should be elegant for your outdoor living room.

Do not forget to give accessories on the living room outside your house. Accessories such as candles, tables, fountains, and seats can make your outdoor living space an inviting place to gather with family.

Author   : Nurma 
Editor    : Munawaroh 
Source  : Instagram