6 Picture to Separate Living Room and Dining Area


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Homeshabby.com -- Now, the open-plan concept of home interior design is popular. With this concept, it means that there are no more wall deviders between roms so that the house looks more spacious, but it may eliminate privacy for resindents of the house. One of the can be applied between the living room and dining room.

So, what if at any time we want to add a separation between these spaces ? The solution, we can use certain object as a more flexible partition. So, to inspire you, just take a peek at the 6 pictures to separate living room and dining area below !

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Almost every home has a bookcase or accessories. If you want to change the atmosphere of the house, just use it as a space divider like this between the living room and dining room behind it. Not only does it create privacy between roms, the bulkhead of the wardrobe is also very multifunctional. Even if they want to be moved around, they are flexible and practical.

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If your room is very small, there is no need to add a shelf divider or even a wall to separate the living room and dining room. With the idea, put a shelf in the middle or put a long sofa with your back to the dining room you can try at home. The dimensions or function of space will be separated even though the impression of privacy is not entirely preserved, but the airy impresion with more flexible space actually makes family activities more comfortable and the atmosphere is also more harmonious.

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The next room divides design is made of wood. With a minimalist design like the one above, your house will look modern and homey. You can also make a wooden bulkhead model that is combined with several drawers that are randomly arranged to put tiny plants in between. Also neat lighting will give a dramatic impreesion to your living room and dining room at home. The concepts that seems to blend in with a bright atmosphere can make 2 rooms even more perfect.

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The shape of your room layout leaves a curved area ? like the L shape in the open-plan living room. Well, with a shape like that of course you become more creatuve, using the elbow or corner of the rooms as a kitchen and dining room area. While the other corner is a living room. So that the 2 spaces will seem to have differenct dimensions but with an open and broad concept. Interesting right ? As a space saving dividing point, you can add indoor plants that area tall enough to make them more attractive and functional.

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The next room divides is applying an open space style both indoors and outdoors. The living room that looks wider due ro the oresences of glass sliding door openings is able to make another function, namely the separation between the living room and the outdoor dining room behind the door. 

The door, apart from being an acces to lighting in the house, also functions as a separator bertween the dining room. So that the cool and refreshing atmosphere will not be hindered even though there is a door in the middle.

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