5 Beautiful Trendy Houseplants For Girls Room


Homeshabby.com -- Designing girls rooms is a challenge indeed. Choosing a design or decoration for a girls room may not be an easy job. Especially if the room has a limited size. Girls tend to prefer feminine things. The rooms that look beautiful become craving. Well, this bedroom for girls can also add various decorations such as well decor or greenery. The absence of the greenery can also give a fresh and cool impression. For more details you can see the inspiration below. 

The girls bedroom can be seen more spacious using bright colors. The combination of fresh orange and clean white can make the look prettier. In the corner of the room you can add refreshing green ornamental plants. You can also add lights with a unique so that you can add an artistic feel to your room. 

The design of the bedroom located on the rooftop can look large due the lighting that enters the room naturally. This bedroom design using pink and white colors can make the room look more adorable. You can add greenery in the corner as well as vines. 

Bedrooms that use striped bed linen can make the look more elegant. you can blend with a pink blanket to make it look prettier. The empty area at the back of the bed can be used as a place to place various decorations neatly arranged on the wall shelves. You can also put greenery behind it. 

The dressing room using wooden set chairs looks strong and sturdy and can also add a natural impression. The dressing room near this window looks brighter. The design of window curtains using floral motifs can make the look more beautiful. While in the corner of the room add greenery with a larger size.  

A dressing room that uses a chair with a modern design can make the look more charming. Youcan add dangling plants so that they look unique and fresh. In addition you can make shelves that stick to the wall as a beautiful wall decor place. 

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