Living Room Idea : Tips to Make a Small Living Room Feel Comfortable and Spacious

New Living Room Idea by -Before creating the living room interior, it would be helpful to know the characters from rooms in your house. The living room will reflect the character of the owners, which is reflected from the size of the space, the selection and arrangement of furniture, and the selection of the wall paint colors. Psychologically, you will feel instantly at home when visiting someone’s house where the living room is quite spacious, the furniture is arranged neatly and comfortably, and the color of the walls give warmth, showing that the owner is always open to anyone who visits their home.

But then again, there are a lot of priorities that you have in your homes especially when the space is limited. Just don’t be discouraged if the living room in your house features a small space. You can deal with it by categorizing guests who visit your house. It the guests will meet you for only a few minutes, let them enter the small living room. Yet, if it is your close relatives or friends, you can accept them in the family room which is more spacious and feels friendlier.

Well, how to organize a small living room into a roomy and comfortable space? Suppose you have a 1.5 m x 2 m sized living room. It is suggested that you don’t put too much stuff and should not use a large sofa, but simply use one set of sofa with two seats, in which each seat is 60 cm wide. If it is not possible to put the coffee table in front of the sofa due to the limited space, you can put it next to the sofa. As an accent, you can add potted plants next to the sofa or a vase of flowers on the coffee table. Other accessories you can use are framed pictures in a 20 cm x 30 size, which are arranged in a row.

What about the wall paint colors? For a small space living room, you should use a combination of colors on the same tone or in the same family. If the living room has three or four wall surfaces, apply a darker shade color for the background or the wall without any openings. Place the sofa against this wall. You can add some pictures or paintings above the sofa, and arrange them in a row neatly. The addition of a carpet will make the living room feel way much warmer.

If you like the color brown and its variation, it is surely good news since this color will provide a warm impression. Also, using the green color and its variations will create a fresh impression so that although the living room is small it will feel beautiful and comfortable. The combination of a contrast color with white can be an option since white is neutral. 

However, if the floor and ceiling are painted white, the room might feel monotonous and boring. That is why the color combination should be planned thoroughly by considering all aspects. If you paint the wall bright, choose accessories and furniture in a darker shade, and vice versa. For the curtains, you better not to use the one with a heavy impression, but choose roman blind or roller blind which looks light. Or, you can choose wooden or fabric horizontal blind which looks way lighter.