Kitchen Decor Ideas : 7 Important Things to Design and Install Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen Decor Ideas by -Do you plan to install cabinets for your kitchen? There are a few things you should understand before making a decision, either when selecting materials or when determining the design. Here are 7 things to note when designing kitchen cabinets:

1. Consider the size of ​​the kitchen

The first thing you should consider is the area where you will put the cabinets. By taking the kitchen size into account, you can find out what is important and not so important to have there. For example, if you live in an apartment, the kitchen space is usually not very wide so you have to determine priorities. For a small room, you should prioritize the main equipment such as cabinet above (for storing plates, cups, knives, and other small appliances), the lower cabinet (to put pots, pans, and other large cookware), hood, gas stove and a dishwasher. Measurement is very important.

2. Basic materials

There are many types of materials that can be used as a basic material to create kitchen cabinets, ranging from multiplex / plywood, MDF, particle board and block board. The suggested material is multiplex or plywood, because in addition to being resistance to termites, denser particles is also making it more durable and stronger for mounting screws. You can also use solid wood such as teak, but it will cost very expensive and it can be difficult if your budget is limited.

3. Materials for finishing

In addition to making the kitchen cabinets more beautiful, finishing also can protect the basic material of the cabinets from any damage, so that it is more durable. There are various kinds of materials for finishing such as deco sheet, HPL, melamine and Duco. Each has advantages and disadvantages. Deco sheet with a sticky coating and thin elastic material usually has a wood grain pattern. This is the most ideal material for kitchen set of a clean kitchen which is rarely used for cooking heavy meals. The material is flexible and not easily chipped. However, because the material is thin, deco sheet is not resistant to heat and oil, so it is more suitable as a coating over the cabinet.
HPL or high pressure laminate is a thin plastic material. The way to install it is more or less the same with deco sheet, which is glued together using glue, yet the material is thicker. HPL is also widely used for kitchen set finishing material because it is very easy to clean and resistant to oil and heat.
Melamic is a liquid material that is sprayed as an outer coating of furniture. This type of finishing requires extra care. When the surface is wet or rarely clean, it will be prone to mildew. Another option is duco, the most expensive type of finishing, which can make kitchen set looks elegant and long lasting. Duco paint comes in a variety of effects such as glossy or matte.

4. Design
Do not be tempted to make a kitchen set with a too unique or complicated design. In determining the design, you have to stay focused on the need for the kitchen set. Now there are a lot of innovative designs for kitchen set, but sometimes the design is not able to accommodate your needs. Therefore, before determining the look, measure the size of your kitchen, the equipment will be used, what activities you will do in the kitchen and so on. It is also important to consider the suitability of the kitchen set design with the overall look of the house. Surely it will be less suitable if you have modern minimalist kitchen cabinets in a classic style or Victorian home design.

5. Equipment placement
If your kitchen is not quite large, you’d better prioritize important equipment only, such as a gas stove and refrigerator.

6. Use professional services

Kitchen cabinet is one property that could enhance the beauty of the house. Thus, choose a kitchen cabinet designer that is quite skilled and has  a ‘sense of art’. Experienced kitchen cabinet designers can give their ideas, opinions and suggestions regarding the most appropriate shape of cabinets, and at the same time adapt to the wishes of customers. You can get the best reference to make a kitchen set.

7. Find references
Making and installing kitchen cabinets involves a lot of expertise, ranging from wood craftsman up to the electrician. Thus, kitchen cabinet services usually consist of a large team that works according to their respective expertise ranging from repairing walls to installing the finishing. If you do not yet understand about the cost estimates, material selection and manufacturing technique, you should ask for references from friends or relatives and make sure the installation of the kitchen cabinets is handled by people you trust.

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