Kitchen Ideas : 6 Strategies to Make a Small Kitchen Feel Spacious

Kitchen Idea By -Some people say that size is everything. Yet, this statement cannot be applied in the kitchen. You do not need a large space in the kitchen to make the space functional and comfortable. If still in doubt, there is an easy way to make a tiny kitchen much more comfortable and functional.

Before you start making your small kitchen more effectively, be assured beforehand that the shape, size of the kitchen, and kitchen equipment, and all in it are good. A famous chef =nce said, “Only those who cannot cook will blame the cooking utensils. I can make all the dishes in my restaurant with a not good electric toaster and a regular oven.”

First of all, try to find a place for all your stuff in the kitchen. The first and most important thing in making a limited-sized space to be efficient is to maintain neatness.

Second, open your mind and give a chance for you to change your mindset you’ve used to organize the kitchen. For example, remove the kitchen cabinet doors and let the contents of cabinets can be seen easily. If you are reluctant to let the kitchen cabinets open, use a glass door.

Third, create cohesion to give the illusion of more space. Stacks of goods, including dishes, making your kitchen look full. The solution is to paint the walls white, and use white dishes anyway. You will find that the piling up dishes are gone, the kitchen feels neater and wider.

Fourth, adjust the size and number of cooking utensils and cutlery with the kitchen size. If you live alone, you do not need to use a large rice cooker. You also do not necessarily need two dozens of dishes and large glasses.

Fifth, make a bright kitchen. Make sure the kitchen has access to sunlight, as well as being supported by artificial lighting. A dark kitchen will be more humid, especially when the kitchen does not have access to natural sunlight.

Make sure the kitchen countertop is not dark. Provide lights on the bottom of the kitchen cabinets; the under cabinet lighting. This method makes the cooking even easier.

Sixth, use multi-purpose furniture. Placing a small table in the small kitchen is a good idea. Use the table as an island or additional surface for cooking and as a dining table at once. It’s simply functional and space-saving.