Top 7 Beautiful House Plants For This Year


Top 7 beautiful house plant for this year -- Pandemic that still plagues almost all parts of the world makes people busy taking care of the house. From the interior to the garden around the house with plants.

Most of the time spent taking of care of the house sometimes makes the homeowner feel bored. But this can be treated with the trend of ornamental plants that are popular among various communities.

Although ornamental plants are quite popular lately it becomes a trend that is being hunted by many people. here are some types of ornamental plants that will be popular and in the collection of this year. The following types of plants:

Blue star fern

Plant by : shelleys.indoor.jungle

This plant is a type of fern plant but very different from ferns generally. Has a wide leaf shape and is thick green. This plant likes a fairly high humidity, so it will be very suitable to sweeten the bathroom at home.

String of hearts

Plant by : greenhomemag

This hanging plant has a liver-like leaf shape with a greenish-white color. The leaves and stems dangling down is perfect for the aesthetic of the room at home. Its fairly easy treatment makes this plant increasingly hunted by lovers of ornamental plants.

Chinese money plant

Plant by : shelleys.indoor.jungle

For this type of chinese money plants has a unique round leaf shape. One stem will grow only one lead at the very end with a thick and shiny green color.

This plant is very easy to plant, if the hot summer will flower with a small form of pink color. Would be perfect for a small corner in the room.

Fishbone cactus 

Plant by : malinbrostad

Included in the cactus breed, this plant is very popular for in the collection. It's shape that resembles fish bones makes this plant unique and interesting. Stem shape with flat leaves and elongated like fish bones.

Happy bean plant

Plant by : adventure_amber

Decorate the corner of your house with this amazing plant. Named happy bean plant that makes the fresh atmosphere at home more felt.

Is a type of succulent plant with stems that can be overgrown with e leaves have a lot of elongated and flattened shape. This plant is quite resistant to all weather and can store water like cacti in general.

Calathea velvet

Plant by : kebun_ghassani

Predicted as one of the popular plants in 2021. This type of calathea has a unique leaf shape whose middle part is like a finger and light green. This plant treatment you need to pay attention to with the level of light, the temperature of which is maximum with humidity that is not very liked. 

African milk tree

Plant by :

One of the thornless cactus plants with the name african milk tree. This plant has rapid growth with resistance in all weathers especially in dry summers. Thick rods can store water so it it suitable for you to place outdoors with strong durability.

That's the type of plant that is predicted to be popular in this year. Hopefully the plants you can have to decorate a small corner in the house looks beautiful and impressive.

Hopefully this article is useful for those of you who are looking for design inspiration home plans. May you be facilitated sustenance in building your dream home.

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Author    : Lynda
Editor     : Munawaroh
Source   : Various Sources

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