Smart Bathroom Storage Ideas to Proceed With


Smart bathroom storage ideas to procced with

Because the bathroom is one of the important areas with cleanliness and comfort in it, the you need to take care of without having to have towels, soap or shampoo scattered on the floor. Give the best view for the bathroom to make your activities more comfortable and enjoyable.

To save space one way to use each small corner by using shelves or storage. The following will be shared for you smart bathroom storage ideas to continue.

Make use of the cast table in the closet area for storage room

Bathroom by : ngulikrumah

You might nit think about taking advantage of the small space in the bathroom. One of them this way. Use the cast table for soap or other toiletries. Use also greater storage for towel room, change clothes or other urgent items.

Sink table with cabinet

Bathroom by : casa_kalandra

An easy way to reach items when you're soaking in the summer is to put some hangers or storage around them. Functional as a sink table, this cabinet also has the use to store your toiletries.

Put a shelf on top of the closet

Bathroom by : rumahfavoritku

Decoration for the bathroom is important fragrant and fresh aroma in the bathroom you can arrange. One of them prepares an open shelf around the closet to put a quite perfume room and make the bathing atmosphere more comfortable.

Use an open cabinet under  the sink

Bathroom by : homedecor_shabbychic

Sink model that functional to reflect and also as a hand wash you can change. Has a function for storage of toilet paper to towels for bathing.

Replace cabinet with ladder rack

Bathroom by : chrrynha

If the size of the bathroom you have is small, try to design fit enough to put storage space. Chose with a ladder rack as a towel hanger when bathing simple but still functional.

Hanging cabinet with sink

Bathroom by : idedekorasiruang

An easy to clean the bathroom you can di in advance of the cabinet selection. With hanging cabinet the floor will be ay to clean which will make the bathroom look clean all the time.

Some of the above ideas you can try for an attractive bathroom interior design with regard to the function and size of each.

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