6 Modern Living Room Design


6 Modern living room design

Homeshabby.com -- Paradise from home besides bedroom and kitchen is the living room. Be the focal point of the house with all the charming and pleasant interiors. AS the first stopover that you always use when you first enter the house. Living room with all concepts ranging from interior, furniture and decoration makes a room very valuable.

Here are 6 modern living room designs that you can try to apply without having to engage in many ways or boring interiors in the:

Put yellow and pastel colors


A luxurious touch you can try to switch with the use of a striking yellow recliner. Also make the use of striking yellow recliner. Also make sure the wall interior provides a more neutral space and decoration inside.

Pastel is always interesting and impressed broad 


It doesn't matter anymore if the minimalist house always pays attention to the size of the space inside. With a small size this living room can accommodate sofas, chairs along with stool and also a table. Calm colors are chosen to give you a comfortable mood.

Make the wall as a unique decoration


None other that this living room. One sofa alone has given a more comfortable sitting room in gray color. Decorative touches of exposed brick walls that appear textured with abstract decorations on them. Use a classic motif carpet that is quite similar between the interior of the living room is more chic.

Industrial concrete expose


The use of concrete as a wall gives the impression of warmer and stronger. Moreover, the interior inside attracts the heart with a refreshing sea green color, as well as the open front window makes it more evocative to relax.

Black with monochrome motif


The combination of neutral colors could have changed the living room more modern and classy. Like this design that chooses black, as well as a monochrome patterned sofa. looks luxurious and elegant even thought the size if fairly small and narrow.

Have you been looking for a living room character that is suitable for home decoration? Maybe some of the above designs you can try with all efforts, sizes and budget that exist. Thanks for listening

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