6 Ideas For Decorating Space Above Kitchen Cabinets


Ideas for decorating space above kitchen cabinets

Homeshabby.com -- You have a side room between the closet and also the kitchen ceiling?

You may be able to use this area for more storage space. As smart as anything, if the kitchen space is small and needs maximum storage, this way you can do it. Decorating the room above the kitchen cabinets beautifully and more neatly, who's afraid?

Here's the discussion!

Top kitchen cabinets for plants

Kitchen by : rumahkayilo

Top kitchen cabinets for plants not necessarily always with cooking furniture, kitchen area as seen you can try to create to fit different. Try with plants for the area which can make the room more beautiful and refreshing. Interesting, right?

Open cabinets for easier storage space

Kitchen by : countryliving

Very diverse to use kitchen cabinets. One of them chooses an open shelf model like this. Not only maximize the cabinets space, the top of this kitchen cabinets you can use for items that no longer have other areas such as pots, teapots or other cooking utensils.

Make it more interesting

Kitchen by : betterhomes

The kitchen needs a little decoration not only with plants or painting. Keep you rattan bag on top of the kitchen  cabinets to make it functional and more attractive.

Small but functional

Kitchen by : amazon

Although small is not a problem for the kitchen room with the whole household appliances in it. keep your used bottles for a more aesthetic impression on top of kitchen cabinets like this.

Modern but as traditional

Kitchen by : andchristina

Combines two different kitchen concepts between modern and traditional you can put together in this place. Keep rattan bags with all kinds of shapes that are more maximal and give a beautiful impression in them

Pilling stuff on top of kitchen cabinets

Kitchen by : houseandhome

To make it neater and more maximal, you can stack kitchen items in this area. Space is to narrow but functional. keep little space to easily pick up the items stored on it.

Well chooses to keep thing in the top cabinets of the kitchen like what?
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