6 Best Cabinet Design For Living Room


6 best cabinets design for living room

Homeshabby.com -- Like the appearance of a simple living room with a luxurious or modern style atmosphere can be started form the use of furniture such as sofas, tables, lamp decoration to cabinets for storage.

Rarely found the living room is full of sofas only and less attractive. It can also have an affect in living room equipment. You need  a little improvement by putting a little space with a cabinet in thee side of the sofa or corner of the room

Find your favorite cabinets in the following review:

Cabinet with three rooms in the corner


It has a living room unlike a kitchen that has many cabinet as a storage of cooking spices. But it doesn't matter if you use the cabinets in the living room. You can put a minimalist size cabinets as a decoration and also a place to store pillowcases, small carpets or curtains.

Table with cabinet


As a common cabinets shape shift, you can choose a model like this. A table  with  a cabinet underneath with classis gives a shadow if this table and cabinet can walk.

Multifunction cabinet with desk


May look the same as the previous cabinet table design. But this time it is large and looks wide, short. The design is suitable for the size of the living room, has many cabinets ready to store electronic devices in the living room area more maximally.

Small cabinets with decorative side


The side of the living room that looks empty is a little annoying appearance and looks boring. You can switch the living room with cabinets decoration for a more functional look. Choose a white interior with a brown touch from the charming parquet floor finish.

Cabinet table for adorable living room


The cabinet that appears to have closed eyes is visible from the handle of the cabinet in this living room. The soft  and funny impression of this cabinet has legs with a short small shape. Compatible with the shabby and feminine interior of the room.

Backdrop TV for cabinet


Concurrently as a living room as well as a family room. This area is quite small with a size of 3 x 3 m. Functional form the backdrop of the TV that is useful for the storage of magazines or favorite novels. More than one cabinets is place in this guest room to increase the maximum storage space.

That's a little explanation about the design of the living room cabinets that you make additional reference. Make sure the size of the living room can be a consideration in the arrangement of a more maximum space.

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