6+ Small Living Room Ideas On Budget


Homeshabby.com -- Have a minimalist house with a budget that is not much in general can be planned in the future. Especially for the selection of interiors in the living room in the house that is used as the first place to gather in the house. Of course the living room needs decorations and interiors that are quite a lot in issues. But if you are a newly married couples some ways you can do for a small living room with a limited budget to look beautiful and attractive.

Living room with one long sofa

living room by : mama_zaydan_gallery

Living room in your house is small and still confused about decorating what it looks like with a minimal budget? You can put only one long sofa to be more efficient on the manufacture and also space. No need to worry about looking ugly, you can add some decorations such as plants, puffs or even with shelves in the corner of the room. The selected interior can also be enjoyed with the broad impression of white color in the walls and also the main door.

Living room near the stairs and open plan

living room by : _runahimpian_

2nd house is not always large and spacious yes, just examples such as the design of this house that utilizes the lower area of the stairs as a kitchen and nearby stairs for the living room. Carrying the concept of open plan, this house combines one space with different functional. In this living room you can use a set of long sofas with black color to make it more voluminous and eliminate the impression of stiff because the interior looks all white.

Living room with monochrome style black and white color

living room by : awit_mrs.cherry

Small living room size in the house need to decorate with a beautiful look but still remember the existing budget. Just use a set of sofas with letter L to make the space more spacious and provide a barrier with space behind it using shelves or cupboards. To give a decorative impression, you can choose monochrome motifs on the carpet an cushions on top as seen.

Interior saving living room without coffee table

living room by : our.little.palace

In general, minimalist house nowadays look open plan without bulkheads with space at the back or in front of it. You can minimize spending on the interior of the living room by ignoring the coffee table as seen. Not only that, the sofa in this living room can also be selected with a model that can be changed for a mattress and folded as a seat. Especially if the living room and family room in the house are quite incorporated as seen. Of course this sofa can be moved to watch TV or also to welcome guests who come.

Sofa living room with feminine pink color

living room by : natashania_mickey

White color for the interior of the room in the house is very appropriate if combined with a gradation of the light or dark colors. Examples in this living room that use white on the walls and ceiling to eliminate excessive impression. This of course can also save your budget for other purposes. Quite different for the sofa in this living room, the owner uses pink color with a homey impression and sofa letter L shaped for maximum wiggle room.

Earthy living room and full color can be for family room

living room by : rumahputihabuabu

Interior selection in this living room gives the impression of full color on the gradation of the walls. Pastel colors applied to this part of the wall give this living room a beautiful and attractive look. You can add some decorations that focal point on the chair with a bright red color to make it more full color. If you are a newly married family of course think of the living room for the family room as well as being the right choice. That way the efficiency of space and functionality of the space you can put in this living room at once and save space.

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