The Prettiest Indoor Plants -- You like fresh and beautiful impression on the inside of the house. Of course the choice of decoration with indoor plants you can put to make the room more beautiful and soothing. The choice of indoor plants is quite a lot ranging from small to large. You also need to pay attention yes, not all small and large plants area suitable for a room in the house. Well here are some of the prettiest indoor plants you can put in the corner of space.

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Indoor plants aglaonema

Well here is one of the indoor plants that is very appropriate if it is in the room. With dim lighting even though this plant is able to survive for a long period of time. But occasionally you can put it in the affected area with sunlight in order to help the growth of this plant.

Decoration by : erawaty_era

Indoor plant monstera adansonii

Not the same as other types of monstera, this adansonii monstera plant has different characteristics. This plant has hollow leaves in the middle, but does not from fingers like in other monstera plants. By growing vines this plant is suitable to be place in the living room while paying attention to lighting to make is easier to grow.

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Indoor palm plants

Besides being able to survive in the outside, this type of palm plants is also suitable for home interiors. With its leaves that extend like coconut leaves, this palm tree has a variety of type. You can choose by adjusting the inside of the house so that it does not seem full.

Decoration by : rumahtristan

Indoor plant golden photos

Putting indoor plants in the living room or other parts of the room at home will greatly provide freshness and natural air felt. You can put golden photos or in Indonesia called "Sirih Gading" which is paced in the middle of the table. This plant can live with low lighting. You can pay attention to the humidity by shining every week in order to thrive.

Decoration by : zandessy

Indoor sansevieria plants

This type of plant has a variety of types. With benefits that can absorb pollutants around, this plant is nor only suitable for outdoor areas are also beautiful indoors. With moisture that needs to be noticed this plants does not like the texture of the soil that is too wet, so this plant will be very durable in outdoor areas.

Decoration by : amalyahode

Indoor plant monstera deliciosa

Monstera plants are very mush to give the impression of fresh and cool indoors. This type of deliciosa monstera plant has  hollow leaves and forms radius resembling a slit. Monstera plants are often used as space decorations for a tropical and more refreshing impression.

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