Real Life Living Room Ideas (With Inspiration To Get Started) -- The living room is the first area that is always the place to welcome guests to come home. Besides it will give an interesting first impression if it has a nice decoration and arrangement. You can design a living room with a real idea you can star from now. Without having to with excessive interior, you can decorate the living room with a concept that suits your style and desire.

Living room by : shie_odhie

Minimalist appearance does not have to be small size, you can start from the selection of sofas to decorations on the wall. Without bothering to choose with one mustard sofa with the addition of rattan chairs to make it more attractive. Room trick of mirror decoration you can try if the size of the living room in the house feels smaller than usual.

Living room by : momqisy

Do not need a lot of interior in the living room, you can use a set of sofas and coffee tables of different size as seen. Walla decoration with shelves and also this painting is very easy to apply in real life. You can find decorations like this in the nearest store or online shop trust.

Living room by : farahramliee

Scandinavian style in the living room in the house is very easy to try. Beside it will be very comfortable, the use of wood materials can be selected for a natural impression and more environmentally friendly. Add also with some cushions on the sofa to add an eye catching looks and more attractive. Floor mat that looks like woven bamboo you can find cloth or carpet adjust also with the concept in this living room.

Living room by : lulywidayanti

The homey atmosphere of the use of sofas with monochrome cushions is very compatible with the visible decoration. The usefulness of stool in the side of this sofa you can combine with different colors to make it more attractive and beautiful when in view. No need to bother organizing in an excessive way, the decoration and styling of a living room like this can be used as a reference and also inspiration when going to redecorate the room in the house.

Living room by : homedecor_shabbychic

With a different concept, the living room in the house appears to be open with glass at the end of the room. This attractive and ethnic atmosphere can be displayed in the living room in the house. Long sofa with blue color is very compatible when combined with wooden materials on the table and also this chairlift. Beside beautiful, this beautiful decoration and arrangement will be very appropriate if you can apply it to the living room in the house.

Living room by : dinashuz

The interior in dominant with white color in the furniture in the living room will be exactly if tried like a visible decoration, Fresh air and open atmosphere can be felt with the window in the end of the room. To add a sense of privacy you can use plain and oversized curtains for more intense space lighting. Inspiration like this you can star by arranging the sofa until the selection of the right concept.

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