6 Outdoor Dream Kitchen For Every Style And Space


Homeshabby.com -- Kitchen in the house is a place that is often used to gather together in the present. Not only cooking, the kitchen is also very modern in use for eating at once with the presence of a mini bar. Well with the the concept of such a kitchen certainly becomes more interesting and tried. You can play with an open kitchen for a small or large house. 

Kitchen by :rumahkamikita

The kitchen with the first open concept has the form of letter L with a more relieved impression. Use of natural looking interiors such as parquet floors to exposed brick in the backsplash area. The comfortable atmosphere can also be felt open area with a back garden of the house. Open kitchen style like this can be a reference for those of you who want a different and more refreshing atmosphere. 

Kitchen by : la.vally

Minimalist kitchen size does not mean to be a barrier to look beautiful and attractive. You can arrange the kitchen at home with letter L shape like this to feel spacious. The open kitchen between the garden is usually in a residential area and a minimalist small house type. 

Kitchen by : dekorumahyuk

The kitchen area that joins the dining room like this is very common to meet. Not only open, this kitchen also gets quite bright lighting from the roof that uses glass as a cover and also a room protector. The interior used is quite simple and feels comfortable with a combination of exposed brick materials feels environmentally friendly.

Kitchen by :rumahleon

Putting the kitchen area at the very back of the house is very common indeed in doing. But the kitchen in this house looks interesting with a combination of interiors that are quite contrasting on the kitchen set. Fresh atmosphere can also be felt from the back garden area that is seen with a refreshing stretch of ornamental grass.

Kitchen by : riaanarya

Mini bar and kitchen in house like this looks modern with unfinished material. You can put the kitchen area near the back garden or in the front garden to change the atmosphere to make it more enjoyable. Hanging lamp in the middle of this room also gives a bright impression at night and will be romantic if the bulb used is yellow. 

Kitchen by : ickajulya

It doesn't matter if you have a small kitchen, you can change the area near the back garden and open as seen. Fresh atmosphere can also be felt from the plants in the outside corner with palm plants. You can use several interior kitchen sets with letter L from to provide more space without stuffy motion.

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