6 Genius Kitchen Organization Ideas


Homeshabby.com -- The kitchen becomes one of the favorite places to gather with family in addition to being used as a place to cook. That way you need to decorate the kitchen area to feel comfortable and fun to use. Exactly, because this time homeshabby.com will give you a review of a chic kitchen with an interesting arrangement you can apply at home. 

Kitchen by : annisaarmada

With the concept of semi outdoor kitchen looks minimalist without the use of additional cabinets or kitchen sets. But to provide a more functional effect for storage, you can add shelves or utilize at the bottom of the pantry to store cooking furniture. This kind of thing can be an idea that you can do in the kitchen of the house to be neat and clean. 

Kitchen by : home_in_garden

Kitchen area that looks open plant with family room like it is a solution for homeowners with small size. To provide enough wiggle room and more comfortable, you can use a letter L kitchen set to make it more spacious. In addition, some cabinets can also be added to make provide more storage space, so that it can be arranged neatly.

Kitchen by : nurulwulandari_13

Minimalist with white interior color, the kitchen this time uses a similar interior for a spacious and clean impression. This kitchen set is also in the form of letter L to give space between the cooking place and that washing area more relieved. If you need additional decoration and functional, just add shelves as a place to put cooking utensil that area often used. 

Kitchen by : rumah_pimawola

The kitchen looks elegant with the use of black interior for some furniture. This open-looking pantry part can be used as a mini bar to make it more attractive and industrially impressed. Cabinets located in this area are place on the right side of the kitchen for a more spacious and open impression. You can add some decorations that area quite harmonious  such as hanging lamps or plants for a refreshing atmosphere.


Kitchen by : rumahdictra

Shade of gray chosen for the use of interior in this kitchen looks attractive with a backsplash area of tiles with a black motif that looks like a flower. Pantry table that uses ceramic is selected with the same color to look eye catching and homey. Kitchen interior that is not excessive you can try give an interesting impression and comfortable to use.

Kitchen by : rumah.aw

Although this kitchen looks simple and minimalist, the use of harmonious and clean looking interior makes the kitchen area more comfortable to use. The cabinet that is  place only one on this part if the wall is still visible with a natural wood strokes. Shelves added to this part of the wall is used as a place to put items that are often used, so that it is easy when going to use.

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