6 Extremely Creative Small Kitchen Design


Homeshabby.com -- Having a small kitchen is sometimes a problem in arranging furniture to cooking materials. You need a creative way to make the kitchen at home feel comfortable and stay organize even with a small size.

Kitchenette by the window is fresher 

Ktchen by : akarumah

Using a minimaliist cabinet or kitchen set like this is certainly very suitable for small kitchen sizes. You need a kitchen design that does not use excessive furniture to keep the room feeling relieved without tightness. To give a wider impression, you can also add windows near the kitchen for fresh air and provide maximum lighting.

Kitchenette with extra shelves

Ktchen by : shintaadee

The use of kitchens without additional cabinets like this can indeed be a solution and an alternative to small kitchens. Beside saving space, the use of neglected cabinets can also give a sense of relief to the kitchen. You can add shelves with tools that are often used. So there is no need to look hard when going to use.

Kitchenette and dining room become one

Ktchen by : cozyhomeshots

Although with a minimalist and small kitchen size, you can use a white interior like this for a neater and wider impression. In addition, the window next to the kitchen like this will grealty help fresh air without stuffy and unpleasant odor. The illusion of a spacious looking room can be felt from the use of mirrors located in the middle area between the dining room and the kitchen.

Kitchen and mini bar into one

Ktchen by : dapurmungil

Combining a mini bar with a small kitchen design will certianly be interesting if tried. Beside efficient place, this idea wiil be very interesting when combines with minimalist white interior looks more cozy. Hanging lamp in the middle of the room can also beautify this kitchen area, so it can provide comfort for you when activities in the kitchen.

Kitchenette without excessive interior

Kitchen by : rumah.ciel

If you have a house with a limited size of course need to provide a more maximum spatial arrangement and neatly arranged. Although this kitchen area looks open plan between the dining room and the familiy room, the homey and cozy atmosphere can be felt in tis area because of the use of minimalist interiors and not excessive. To make the kitchen more beautiful even with a small size you can save furniture or add open shelves to increase the storage of cooking furniture and groceries.

Kitchen with elegant black interior

Kitchen by : dessy_ros4lina

Elegant style in this kitchen feels more modern with the use of black granite materials. Cabinet in the kitchen area letter L shape looks natural form enviromentally friendly wood materials. With a small size, you need to design the kitchen more carefully and creatively in order to provide a comfortable atmosphere when activities with family.

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