6 Curtains Ideas To Dress Your Home


Homeshabby.com -- The use of windows in the room in the house will indeed give the cool air more felt. But the presence of windows can certainly give the impression of being open, but the use of curtains for space will be very comfortable for the impression of privacy. You can choose curtains with window size and adjust the interior to make eye catching and fun.

Model curtains with a thick plain cloth

Design by : littlemoyahome

If you like the minimalist impression as well as the pleasant interior, just choose a decoration like this living room. This living room applies curtains in the middle of the room as a barrier at the same time to be more efficient. You can choose curtains with a fairly thick cloth and look shiny when exposed to light. Combine it with the interior to make it more attractive.

Two-layer curtains

Design by : detikpatra

Open impression of the use of windows in a space is in need for cool and natural air. But to block put the afternoon sun, you can apply plain white curtains as seen before using thick cloth curtains in the next layer. Design like this really help sunlight get into more intense space.

Patterned curtains

Design by : rie_homee

Combining curtains with the interior of the room is very influential for a beautiful impression. As in this living room using curtains in addition to decoration in select motifs that are more with the name. If you like curtains with striking motifs, just choose cream-colored plains curtains with pompoms on the bottom to make them adorable.

Plain gray curtains

Design by : mi.monokrom

If you like the impression of warm and homey,  just use the gray interior in some way. For example in the window area by adding plain gray curtains. Moreover, the use of a minimalist white interior certainly has a beautiful decoration and eye catching.

Black curtains are more elegant

Design by : auliyariyayanti

The selection of dark interiors for the living room in the house is not an issue that needs to be fussed. You can combine with a more striking and neutral interior such as white and also light brown. A more memorable elegant impression  can be seen from the use pf curtains selected in the black. None other than a wall that adds vertical accents to give the atmosphere more with the same and contain.

Translucent minimalist curtains

Design by : dekorasiruangtamu

The use of curtains with a plain white translucent color like this will be very interesting if exposed to light directly.  These clearly visible fibers provide a more intense and open-minded feel. If you want a slightly more enclosed feel, just use the with darker colored curtain such as blue, gray, brown for lees intense and softer lighting.

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