6 Collected Effortless Style Interiors


Homeshabby.com -- With an interesting concept, the interior of the house will also give a beautiful and impressive look. Some styles for the interior of the house di need to be taken care of. From furniture to the selection of interiors colors. That way the interior style that is easy to try can be imitated at home.

Elective style

Design by : inathursina80

Some concepts of elective style that we can know is to combine several decibels with existing combinations. For example in this living room that uses a sofa with different sizes and directions that area not the same as the color gray is warmer. With glass elements from the use of windows in this house gives the impression of open and fresher, you can combine it with a minimalist white glass table.

Scandinavian style

Design by :

As we know scandinavian style often use neutral colors on the interior of its space. This family room is quite interesting from various furniture that choose white color for minimalist impression. Black elements are also added to provide a darker contrast to be balanced. Some decorations such as clock on this wall give a fuller dimension and do not appear empty.

Korean style

Design by : dekorkamarminimalis

Room design with a modern style has a korean style concept that children like today. With white elements, you can put a bed in the area nearest the window to make it wider and open. Use of this frameless sofa you can choose to provide comfort when watching a favorite movie.

Vintage style

Design by : dapurmungil

Carrying a vintage style for the interior of the house is not only with materials and furniture that looks worn out yes. You can do the re-finishing in the cabinet to give a newer impression. You can also add the finishing with a glossy layer to make it more attractive, Corridors in this kitchen area gives the impression of relief without stuffy. So that cooking activities are more fun and exciting.

Pop-art style

Design by :shusihome

With an open concept, this dining room has a pop-art style that can be seen, The use of this arm chair is selected with earthy colors from yellow, blue, gray to white. This concept with a harmonious style will certainly provide an interesting atmosphere to gather with your beloved family. Add also with hanging lamp decorations and vine synthesis plants to make it beautiful and charming.

Shabby chic style

Design by : dedes_desti10

If you like and more feminine impression. Just use pastel color such as creamy white with a shabby impression. This bathroom uses pink with white elements. You can combine it will wall tiles or with matching tiles for a more dominant contrast.

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