6 Clever Small Bedroom Arrangement Hack


Homeshabby.com -- Comfortable atmoshphere for the room does not have to be with a large size. The feeling of comfort will be felt even by having a small room if you know how to arrange it. The arrangement of small rooms you neeed to arrange smartly to provide a homey atmoshphere to stay in. Here'es an explanation:

Decoration by : pondacy

To give a trick to the small bedroom to look spacious, you can use a minimalist white interior with a full white color. Elements of white color that gives the impression of light and also spacious is the right choice for a small space. Other smart ways you can do, such a as using a bed without a bed to provide enough space without tightness.

Decoration by : fotorumahidaman

A small bedroom does not mean it can not be  functionalized with other rooms. As in this bedroom that is very smart choose the cabinet on the wall by adding shelves for the place of collection books or favorite displays. Although this room looks small, the owner is smartly able to combine workspaces in this area to provide better quality user productivity.

Decoration by : evienion

Small bedroom design you can give decoration from a standing mirror like this to give a reflection of light to look spacious. In addition, the use of beds placed in the nearest area of the window like this also gives the impression of spacious.

Decoration by : interiordesign.id

The combination of exposed brick material for the walls in this room gives more  space with the color and looks real. Minimalost interior like this is indeed cock for small sized rooms to look spacious and relieved. You can add a window in this room to get a reflection of the sun and also refereshing air.

Decoration by : 99rumahimpian

If you have a small bedroom, no need to worry about decorating the room. You can choose a bed that is small like this to functional walls with additional shelves for dispaly or put paintings. The window at the back of the bed provides open space and is very appropriate if there is a workspace nearby.

Decoration by : kamartidurshabby

Minimalism does not mean to have limited decoration yes. Do not need a lot of furniture that will fill this bedroom, you can use a functional sofa with a cabinet and also to relax. Interior selection with soft grey color you can try to make the room at home look spacious and clean.

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