6 Big Ideas For Beautiful Small Kitchens


Homeshabby.com -- Having limited land is a risk for homeowners, such as examples of minimalist kitchen sizes with a lot of furniture inside. Having a small kitchen is a bit confusing to arrange to look neat and keep it clean. But you do not worry, this time homeshabby.com will share some ideas for beautiful small kitchen you can try at home. Here's an explanation. 

Kitchen by : akhtar_home

The kitchen in this house looks minimalist without the use of kitchen sets that area deliberately done to provide enough space and more room. Although it looks small, this kitchenette idea reamins beautiful with some additional decorations from patchy shelves to beglecting kitchen sets reduce space to make it more spacious. You can also combine dining in this kitchenette to provide a more efficient and effective function.

Kitchen by : rumahcantikmenawan

To distinguish the design of the kitchenette but still beautiful, you can use the design as seen. This small kitchen combines the cooking area with the dinding table and on the back to wash dishes aims to give a near impression and stay clean, the cabinet in this kitchen area is added for storage of ingredients and aslo equipment to be neatly arranged. To get around the small kitchen area, you can use a minimalist white interior like this to look roomy and more spacious. 

Kitchen by : blackvanilla.hiuse

The interior chosen for the kitchen area of a small house does need decoration and arrangement is interesting and neatly arrranged. Although the kitchen this time is small, the owner presents a natural and ethinc impression because of some use of natural wood materials to the roster as a barrier and functional for palces to eat. Wall interior that is left without finishing is deliberately done to give an indsutrial impression and cooloer.

Kitchen by : pikaginting0603

The use of kitchen without additional cabinet for a small size you need to do, to keep your kitchen beautiful and have enough wiggle room and more roomy. Like the idea in this kitchen, just use a set of cooking areas and wash dishes without additional cabinets on it to make it more spacious. Black interior with floral motif on the cover this cabinets gives a beautiful and elegant look. Open impression can also be felt, because the owner added a window just above the cooking place for cleaner air circulation without a bed smell.

Kitchen by : eika_atika

To keep the interior in the kitchen small, you can choose white with a combination of soft pink for a more feminine and homey impression. Ideas that you can do to give a beautiful look to the kitchen is not only focused on the use of kitchen sets only. You need to pay attention to the interior that is compatible or enjoyable with your taste to make cooking activities more enjoyable.

Kitchen by : desymg85

The shape if kitchen set letter L like this is able to give an airy impression on a small kitchen. With a minimalist white interior and bright lighting like this is very appropriate to apply to your small kitchen. Without using excessive furniture, the kitchenette in the house remains beautiful by paying attention to some things for a more interesting impression you can try. 

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