6 Beautiful Bathroom Design 2 x 2 Meters Inspiration


Homeshabby.com -- Bathroom becomes the most important privacy room in the house. Its diserve desiign sometimes leaves some people confused as to what the bathroom will look like. This time homeshabby.com will provide beautiful bathroom inspiration size 2 x 2 m can be a wishlist for your bathroom decoration. Here's an explanation:

Bathroom by : rumahbundas

With a size of 2 x 2 m, this bathroom design is quite simple with a minimalist interior using white color to make it cleaner. This owner provides a barrier for shower and closet areas to provide comfortable for users. Ekspose brick walls until the tiles are white looks clean with a similar interior. Beautiful bathroom design like this you can apply at home even with small sizes.

Bathroom by : veyalvia22

Minimalist bathroom measuring 2 x 2 m below has a simple design and does not apply mush excessive interior. Use of the bathub added to this homey patio bathroom. At the bottom of the shower in this bathroom the owner adds coral a tones as a more aesthetic impression and aslo to the look of the bathroom is more bautiful.

Bathroom by : melisaara

Small bathroom measuring 2 x 2 m is not a difficult problem to design with beautiful and attractibe decoration. In this bathroom the owner uses a white interior to make it look more spacious and clean. In addition, shelvel or boxs open in this bathroom is affixed to the wall provide functional space. With a beautiful impression, wall decoration with tropical motifs feels beautiful and shooting.

Bathroom by : desymg85

With a size of 2 x 2 m, this bathroom feels functional with the use of closets, sink to shower areas with glass boxes for a more comfortable impression. The selected interior also looks homey with cream color on the ceramics floor to the wall. This bathroom still looks beautiful with a neat arrangement even though it is minimalist in size.

Bathroom by : nurummieka

Minimalist white interior for room decoration is the right choice if you try. Moreover, interiors like this area application in bathrooms that are minimalist in size only 2 x 2 m. The use of the interior is quite simple without excessive decoration. Window accents used for this border are selected red color on the frame more beautiful and attractive.

Bathroom by : desainkmarmandiminimalis

Simple style but elegant look can be felt from this bathroom. The use of white interior as a way to give a spacious impression on a small bathroom is very appropriate to try. This clean white tiled floor with a slight gray color provides a homey atmosphere and is comfortable if lingering in the bathroom. Although with a size of 2 x 2 m, a bathroom like this is indeed the best design to have.

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