The Most Popular Houseplant Of Mid Century Modern Decor -- Doing planting activities with flower or vegetables can indeed give a refresh feeling when you are tired of working. But today's popular crop selection can be added to the whislist fot the home garden collection. well this time, we will share about a few type of plant that area popular can make the house freseher and more natural.

Calathea lutea

Plant by : anis_zara15

Ornamental banana plant or called calathea lutea is a type of plant that is very popular and easy to find. This plant thrives in damp places and can grow high about 1.8-3 meters. The leaves are fresh green and oval in shape is very similar to banana leaves in the usual. This ornamental banana plant has beautiful flowers with small round shapes nesting and overlapping each other.

Monstera deliciosa

Plant by : isthysyafiq

Monstera is a very popular type plant these days. This plant is a type of tropical forest native plant from central America with a refreshing from of dark green leaves. Monstera has a distinctive and aesthetic pattern is perfect for indoor or outdoor areas in the home. Of the many types, this plants has another name namely monstera deliciosa that you can find in various nearby flower shops.


Plant by : rumah_aristo

This type of plant is very famous and very suitable to reduce pollution around. Sensiveria is a plant with many benefits that you can put indoors and outdoors around the house. This plants has easy maintenance and is resistant to all weathers. 

Ivory betel

Plant by : lisa_yunita22

These different types of ivory betel plants have many different varieties. As in the  garden in this house that put ivory betel plants in the wateer in order to grow roots quickly. This plant propagates very fertilely if yoyu close attention to its care.


Plant by : lisa_yunita22

Aglonema plant is a popular type of plant and much in the interest of ornamental lovers. In addition to providing an aesthethic and attractive looks as a decoration, this plant is very effective for crossing pollutants in the house such as benzene in the air and formaldehyde.

Monstera adansonii

Plant by : aliayasmin_28

Indeed this type of plant is called monstera, but who would have thought another name of this plant is monstera adansonii which is very popular and hunted by lovers of ornamental plants. The leaves are small and lush and in the middle are branched and not continously to the edges of the leaves. This monstera adansonii plant grows vines, but most people keep this type of monstera in hanging pots.

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