6 Beautiful Blue Small Living Room Pictures And Ideas

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Homeshabby.com -- The blue color is considered to be able to evoke a sense of comfort and warmth for humans. When applied to the interior of the house, residents immediately feel the warmth and serenity which is essential for a room design. This living room can be conjured up like this through blue colors with cool tones like light blue combined with various colors. However, not only does it create a sense of comfort, this color tone is able to present a broad impression if applied with the right design tips.

Picture : @Mamanyathasya

In order to maximize the impression of lightness in the room, the blue color does not have to be smeared over the entire wall surface of the living room. Just select a certain part that is considered a unique element in the interior. For example, such as the side of the window wall with all the furniture combined with soft cream color accents that make it calm.

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Presents a blue color and combines it with a touch of wood and simple cream colored furniture. Don't forget to also bring blue in some corners, paint the lower walls, curtains, and floor mats that make the atmosphere peaceful. You can also combine it with a touch of white so that the appearance of the living room is brighter with a simple cream colored comfortable sofa.


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Want to present a more colorful atmosphere, you can apply a living room with shades of blue with dominating white paint with a touch of striking color accents, namely yellow and plant decorations that green the appearance of the living room. White rattan chairs can be with blue foam, blue curtains, appear side by side with interior patterns that add to the aesthetic of the room.


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No need to overdo it in bringing blue to the living room. Simple things can be presented by selected by selecting a navy blue sofa that can represent the nuances you want. While for the overall color you can use white that will never go out of style. So that the appearance of the living room brighter, more spacious and not excessive.

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The blue color combined with the rustic interior can produce a distinctive traditional atmosphere. To make it more alive and not stiff, combine colors such as white, brown in the room. Old teak chairs featuring thick wood elements are able to presents a modern village space. Wall decorations can use a collection of antique plates in a classic style that catches the eye.

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