Terrace Design Ideas That Are Shady and Attractive


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Homeshabby.com -- Do you like relaxing on the terrace daydreaming or brewing coffee ? A house with a good terrace is a house that faces east. This is recommended so that the full benefits of morning sunlight can illuminate the front of the house which is usually decorated with plants along with comfortable garden chairs and tables for relaxing. Immediately take a look at the terrace design which is shady and attractrive if it is seen for you.

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The front porch of the house is shady with dak cast and granite floors that make the atmosphere cool. In addition to the presence of plants that provide cool air, the addition of rattan chairs with torqouise paint finishing with curved backs makes relaxing acitivities more homey and guaranted to make you feel at home.

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The terrace design of the house with gray paint combined with white paint makes the facade look more timeless. The terrace is equipped with a long bench made of neutral iron accompanied by a coffee table which makes the small terrace feel more spacious. An atmosphere that is to bright can be disquised into a cooler air thanks to the neatly arranged green plants around the patio furniture.

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The house building that is directly adjacent to the neighbor's house makes you design the terrace more leverage. The terrace divider has a cheerful and colorful appearance because of the green nuances of flower wallpaper. It looks great with the cream, pink and white color combination to make it look girly and pleasing to the eye. The atmosphere of the terrace even without tall plants still feels shady thanks to the warm color composition.

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The terrace of this house looks simple, with the arrangement of furniture that is sidelined on the side of the facade wall so that it leaves a dimension of space for activities in and out of the house. Natural wood and natural stone materials from the exposed facade make the terrace more shady and comfortable. Don't forget to add exterior light to keep the night feeling calm and make it look even more charming.

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This terrace design uses blue and white with a touch of yellow which makes the terrace look more cheerful. The colors used with modern themes are combined with llarge windows made of clear glass material that look gloosy so that the exterior design of the terrace looks peaceful and earthy.

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