6 Step Make Your Kitchen More Kid-Friendly


Homeshabby.com -- The kitchen was the most important part of the house. Having a kitchen with a kid-friendly concept will certainly provide a sense of security for you and your childern when going to the kitchen. There area several ways you cand do to make tthe kitchen at homes safer for your beloved childern. Well, for more details, here's how.

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You can raise the stove top as a way to provide safety for your childern when he goes to the kitchen. With a kid-friendly concept, your kitchen will certainly be a little different from usual. Look clean with white in several elements and complements such as cabinets to neatly arranged shelves.

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To be safe from childern, you can move the reach of sharp object such as knives or several other tools. You can place the use of sharp object in the safest poisition such as in the upper cabinet  to provide protection for your child. In, addition, to bel child-friendly, the kitchen also need some decorations to add fresh air and an open impression without feeling stuffy.

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You can apply this kid-friendly kitchen concept at home to perfect it from harm so that it feels comfortable. You  can put a fire extinguisher and a first aid kit to anticipate something dangerous. In addition, you can put the tool in easy reach so you don't have to bother when you're in an emergency.

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To avoid harm to childern when in the kitchen, you can use a simple method by placing shelves or cabinets that function for sharp object and also fragile items. In addition, the cabinet is usually without a key, this easily pick up other cooking utensils. That way, the kitchen concept that pays attention to childern's safety is very important to do so that thing don't happen.

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Providing a divider for the stove like this will definitely add comfort and not worry if the child often goest to the kitchen. With teh size of a kitchen looks more minimalist, you can use a variety of ways to protect your childern from harm. Not only that, keep items that can endanger you far beyond its reach to provide comfort.

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One surefire way you can do to make fou feel safe anda comfortable in the kitchen is to separate things that are fragile and out of reach of childern. In addition, you can also divide the space for storage to make it neat.

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