Inspiring Black And White Kitchen Designs

 Picture : @rumah_vebras -- Many people are reluctant to choose monochrome as their kitchen design. The color, which is only about white and black, is considered to have a boring appearance. Even though monochrome is a color that has benefits for the house, especially minimalist home models. Monochrome is able to give a large impression in a small space. In addition, this colors is also able to give the impression of a very modern kitchen.

As a complement to your monochrome kitchen inspiration, here we provide some black and white kitchen design ideas.


1. Simple decorative kitchen design



Picture : @rumahfarrelfikri

One side of this simple black and white minimalist kitchen design is decorated with white brick patterned tiles, namely the subway bevel. This makes the overall decoration appear more decorative. This kitchen look combines traditional and modern styles that are great to emulate. In oder not appear firm, you can give other pastel color touches that make the atmosphere sweeter, such as the cabinet curtains.


2. Give a touch of rustic


Picture :

This black and white kitchen design only relies on natural elements to enhance its appearance. So, the appearance of the kitchen is not too plain. Green plants with wood elements are used to add a natural, rustic style bright color. The white wall paint color makes the dark black touch less boring.


3. Indoor plants that change the atmosphere


Picture : @ummufaaza_

Although white is used as the main color in this kitchen, the addition of natural decoration is needed. This is so that the kitchen can look more attractive and not seem too bright. You can use indoor plant decorations to complement your kitchen design. Thus, your kitchen can look cooler and more comfortable to live in.


4. Natural lighting


Picture : @widya_radyahom

Using black and white can make the room look gloomy. So, the source of lighting is very important to use for this one kitchen decoration. You can make a large glass window so that the light source can enter the kitchen. Thus the kitchen can look brighter and cooking smoke can come out naturally.


5. Pay attention to the kitchen set model


Picture : @atamshouse

The use of monochrome colors that involve dark colors, namely black must pay attention to the aspects and models of the kitchen set that match the shape of the room. Appearing simple with a linear open plan with other rooms makes the space look spacious. The black ceramic lining the table top is combined with the subway tile which makes the kitchen design more elegant.


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