Beautiful White And Pink Bedroom

Picture : @reika2g -- Do you like pink ? Not only you, many people love this color. The way to express your favorite, you can channel it into the interior design of your private bedroom. In order not to look tacky and monotonous, combine it with a touch of white to neutralize the accent of the room, which is more pleasing to the eye. Here are examples of pictures of beautiful white and pink bedrooms that you can imitate at home.



Picture : @eka_chirsnawati

This one concepts can be applied to those of you who crave a pink bedroom design that is calm but still colorful. A selection of pastel pink, coral pinks, and white is the prefect combination to create a minimalist feel. The bed cover that looks cute with a shabby pattern is in harmony with the beautiful white lace curtain model.

Picture : @desainkamartidur

If you add a feminine touch to the room as a whole, you can use pink as the wall color. Choose a white color for the ceiling, floor and bed. Then, use black for a touch on the pillow cover. Give a striking pink color for the walls of the room. Make sure your bed has elements of all three colors too. You can wear white sheets so that the shades of pink dominate.

Picture : @fmrezfany

The bright tosca green color will immediately stand out when combined with pink and white in the bedroom. Combinations like the design examples above are widely used in the interior of girls rooms. The key to maximizing the design is to use enough white to create harmony between the two colors.


Picture : @faniafm

For those of you who want to use a large portion of pink in the room, try using the room design above as an example. Pink color combined with white color with various motifs and patterns is applied starting drom the walls, plaid bed covers, to beautiful wall decorations. Instead of seeing a closed wall, the backdrop of the cabinet and dressing table in white with various accessories around it makes it look more festive.


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