5 Creative Ideas To Separate The Living Room And Kitchen


Homeshabby.com -- Owning a house of any size would be very interesting if you could divide the space with each function to be more organized. For example, if you have a house with a small enough size, of course you have to arrange a nice spatial arrangement for a neat and comfortable impression. For example, if you have an open-plan living room with a kitchen, of course it will be a little annoying or make you feel good when you do activities in the kitchen. Well, this time we will share a little review about creative ideas to separate the living room and kitchen to feel happy and enjoyable. 

Decoration by : rdyunita

One of the careful ways to make the impression of privacy in each room to be more conditional when activities certainly give a separator to the space. However, the design of this house look open space with a living room in the house. However, the living room and kitchen in this house also looks more privacy because it has a long distance, so you can feel comfortable when you do activities without feeling disturbed.

Decoration by : rumahtcm217

Separator for space in the spaces area needed, but nor all owners like that. Like the design of this house that combines living room, family and kitchen area with mini bar into one. This of course still gives the impression of privacy in each room that appears to be borders by household stairs. The design of this house looks relieved and open, because it is seen the use of a glass roof as an additional light to get inside more open.

Decoration by : aptokuhn

The living room in this house looks open without bulkheads but still feels functional with its own functions. The kitchen that joins the dining room looks interesting because it has e neat arrangement. This mini bar is used as a way to give a separate impression on the living room to feel privacy and comfortable to use.

Decoration by : veyalvia22

Having a house with a small enough size is a little designable when going to arrange space in it. To make the living room and kitchen look separate, you can use the mini bar as a way to make the kitchen area invisible from the front. Like its design, the house is clearly open between the living room and the kitchen. But with the right arrangement and decoration this area fells homey yo be used to gather with family.

Decoration by : once.upon.a.home

The most appropriate way to give a separate impression between the living room and the kitchen is not to give a seal or a barrier in this area. Like the design of this house that is open enough among other spaces to make the space more clearly visible but still with its respective functions. You can provide a uniform decoration to make the space feel more spacious and open. Luckily the designs of the space in tis area adds air vents that look brighter and seem refreshing because the air can enter alternately.

Hopefully this article is useful for those of you who are looking for inspiration for design and house plans. Hopefully your sustenance will be facilitated in building your dream house.

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