6 Small Bathroom That Make a Cozy and Enjoy

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Homeshabby.com -- The bathroom is one of the most important rooms of your dream house, which you always use everyday. Well, a clean bathroom, and has a beautiful interior decoration, will certainly make your activities relaxed and comfortable. For those of you who are looking for new ideas to design up your bathroom, this time we will show you small bathroom that make a cozy and enjoy.


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This bathroom is designed with a charming design, for a space that is quite small. Bright shades, brought out from the white color, can give the space a wider feel. Well, with artistic wall and floor games made of granite and ntaural stone. This tiny bathroom can be transformed into cozy area in the house. 


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The simple and modern result of this bathroom design is perfect for the tiny size. Because it is designed to be a practical place, with a combination of soft brown and white granite that stole the show. In the bathtub is installed a stainless steel shower with fragrant Lavender flower decorations. Overall, this bathroom also manages to look beautiful and enjoy.

Picture : @kamarmandikuw

The small bathroom looks cute with shades of white, so that the clean and simple impression makes it look stunning. What stole the attention was the subway tile bathtub walls and the hexagonal floor making the whole bathroom wider and brighter. The selection of natural decorations from various green plants equipped with window lighting makes this bathroom very cozy, cool and suitable for small design.

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The appearance of a luxurious bathroom can also offer comfort. Feel a different kind of relaxation experience through a modern bathroom design decorated with blue wallpaper with an abstract motif of three-dimensional accented upholstery on the side of the shower wall. The division of wet and dry areas with a glass divider makes you more comfortable and looks more elegant for a small bathroom.

Picture : @kamarmandikuw

In addition to the white color, which offers a clean impression the modern bathroom design is also dominated by the use of dark masculine colors. To add attractiveness to a modern bathroom design, you can also present a natural impression the glass block roof lighting and a touch of gold metal color with black patterned from the alluring floor can add a luxurious impression to the bathroom.


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