6 Picture Of Bathroom With Sliding Doors

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Homeshabby.com -- Often forgotten, choosing the type of bathroom door has an effect on the appearance of the interior of the house, you know! whether the closeth is placed in the area behind the house or in the room, the selection of the bathroom door must be done carefully in order to support the appearance of the house while maximizing the function of the bathroom. Especially if your residence is relatively small. One of them is a bathroom design with a sliding door that is very space efficient with a modern model.


1. Bathroom design with wooden sliding doors



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The sliding bathroom door is very suitable to be applied to a small room or residence. Besides, not taking up space, this model door is also very effective in giving the impression of a spacious room. Wood material as in the picture above, not only gives an aesthetic impression to the room around the bathroom of your home, the use of solid material in this bathroom door model is not transparent so it can maintain privacy.


2. Design bathroom with ice glass sliding doors


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If the position of your bathroom is in the corner of the room or behind the house, then maximum additional light is needed so that it is free of humidity and stuffiness. As an option, you can use a sliding bathroom door with frosted glass material that optimally lets the light in so that the area in the bathroom remains bright. Even so, the use of sliding doors made of frosted glass material still limits vision so that your privacy is maintained.


3. Sliding door into a small bathroom solution


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If the position of your bathroom is close to the laundry area which requires a lot of dimensional space to move. Tips for choosing the type of sliding door with HPL material can be the right solution for your home. In an open or closed position it will not hinder your activities and still make the impression more spacious in the front of the bathroom or in the bathroom.


4. Bathroom design with elegant sliding glass doors


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If you want to present an elegant concepts like a hotel, the bathroom in your private bedroom can use sliding doors with clear glass material like this. No need to worry about safety and comfort. You will be calmer if the presence of sliding glass doors equipped wiith beautiful white curtains to disguise and maintain optimal privacy. The space will also get light from inside the room so you don't have to worry about stuffy and dark atmosphere when the curtains are closed.


5. Minimalist bathroom sliding door design


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Selection of bathroom door finishing accents will also affect the spacious appearance of your bathroom. Choose neutral colors like wood grain or clean white to get a more minimalist and brighter space concept. HPL finishing is the material most often used by many people, because it is relatively light and more durable against the continuous sliding openings.


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