6 Modern And Space Saving Kitchen Ideas


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Homeshabby.com -- Living in a minimalist home, you must be ready to organize every room with a minimalist design, including the kitchen. Maximize every corner of space in the house to make a simple kitchen that does not take up a lot of space and can support your activities in the kitchen even with a limited size. Here is an interesting inspiration for your moms, a kitchen design that save a space that is comfortable to view and use.

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1. Kitchen under the stairs

Maximizing the bottom corner of the stairs to make it more functional, namely making a small kitchen with a shape according to space. Make the kitchen under the stairs look more modern by using monochrome colors. Pair a dark kitchen countertop with a backplash wall and white cabinets to make the room look more charming and cleaner.

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2. Small kitchen size 2 x 2 m

You can make a minimalist 2 x 2 m kitchen in the corner between two space-saving rooms. Due to its limited area, you need to make storage under the stove and install a kitchen set or shelf model on it. Try to keep making good lighting from adding a pendant lamp as the main lighting for your small kitchen so that it looks more attractive.

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3. Linear small kitchen that blends in with other rooms

Making the kitchen among other rooms and opening the wide glass doors is a more functional way to save space. If the room has a high ceiling, you can add cabinet storage to maximize the walls. Make the activity lighter by placing the dining table near the kitchen set. Choosing minimalist style furniture to make it seem relieved and cooking activities are also more comfortable.

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4. Long small kitchen design on the access road to the garden

For this small kitchen design, use a kitchen table made of ceramic finishing combined with unfinished red brick and wood that looks natural to make it look wider, warm and calm. To make it easier for your to cook, put the stove on the right side. Then, left for the sink and center for table preparation.

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5. To mazimize the corner of the room, design a small L shaped kitchen

A simple small kitchen design like the one above will look attractive if you are smart in choosing the color combination. You don't need to paint the walls anymore, you can maximize the room decoration by choosing bright colored tools. So, if you get bored at any time, just change your tools and don't need to paint the walls anymore. The open storage space on the wall can also make a small kitchen more spacious and comfortable for activities.

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