6 Best and Cozy Up A Guest Bedroom Inspiration


Homeshabby.com -- A house with complete facilities is indeed a pleasure for everyone. Nothing but the case for a bed at home as the mist comfortable place for privacy. A house that provides guest room facilities helps our guests to feel comfortable when staying overnight. With the right arrangement and decoration, the guest room will certainly make your own satisfaction. Well, this time we will share inspiration about guest rooms that area homey and also cozy suitable for your special guests.

Bedroom by : wian_home

The guest room was small in size but felt spacious with a full white interior. Simple appearing as well as excessive use or furniture would be the best solution for a small guest room size. To provide guest comfort, you can set up some table and chairs to supplement user's space and comfort.

Bedroom by : lammerghini

Using the loft area as a guest room could be an alternative for those of you who have a house not too big. The minimalist yet feel spacious thanks to a large window in the corner of space as irrigation and sunlight pouring into space. To add a more aesthetic touch, the owner placed two lightbulbs that looked romantic and warm.

Bedroom by : fotorumahidaman

Functional with the use of guest room that has a bed for three people at a time, this can maximize space to accommodate many. As well as a guest room, such a guest room design could be for childern at home. With a fairly small bed size and impression of relief to be in this room thanks to the extensive use the white interior. One bed above use a functional staircase for your visitor's storage.

Bedroom by : fotorumahidaman

The guest room is not infrequents in size, but with the right representation and selection of furnishings, it is something you can do to make it more spacious. Like this guest room in which the bed was placed for a small size, yet elegant in its black and white monochromatic style. To give your guest comfort, this seemingly yellow pillow you can place for an earthy impression. You can use even trucks of space from neatly arranged mirrors in the wall.

Bedroom by : dekorasikamartidurkuu

The green mixture of tosca, white and brown for the clear use of this vynil floor was perfect for a guest room at home. To give fresh sequestering and light access inti the room young, you could use the window in the corner of the room with the grey curtains looking homey. This small bed size could be placed in the guest room to supplement the facilities and provide comfort for guests who come.

Bedroom by : kreakita.homedecor

A guest bedroom that  has two beds like this you can try at home, while providing comfort is certainly more functional and interesting. The same size of the bed and the distance between the bed is made up of little space for motion. And not only is the guest suite equipped with a bathroom to make it easier for the guest when going to activity in the bathroom without going in and out of room.

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