6 Kitchen Cabinet Storage Solutions


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Homeshabby.com -- The ideal kitchen is judged not only by its interior design appearance but by how functional it is to you and your family members. So before polishing the kitchen display as desired, make sure the kitchen has met some of its major needs. Having a kitchen set that provides a lot of storage cabinets makes a storage system more manageable. Kitchen equipment can be grouped in a category, making it easier to search. Here is kitchen cabinet storage solutions to more beauty and aesthetic.

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Cabinet doors that are open too wide will certainly interfere with the space for movement in a narrow kitchen. The solution, you can choose a kitchen cabinet with a pull door. Pull-out cabinet doors and the addition of drawers in them are also appropriate because they don't take up space when opening or closing the cabinet. The lower cabinet can be used as a storage for large dish racks pans or kitchen utensils.

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If the room of your house forms an elbow by allowing you to apply a kitchen design with an L-line kitchen set with lots of storage space. Maximize the curved corner as an open storage which is more practical, while for the walls, you can simply add a wooden shelf in a multi-storey arrangement as an open storage space that doen's make the space look full.

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There is nothing wrong with adding a kitchen cabinet as a storage cabinet equipped with several spaces with different openings to make the kitchen more functional. HPL finishing material which is separate from the kitchen set, you can use it as a storage space for a collection of cups or glasses with rarely used categories.

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Maximize the blank wall as a display of open storage shelves that can reflect the breadth of a small kitchen. Choose a material that is in harmony with the lower cabinet, such as wood with a metal frame arranged horizontally as a container for decorating plants and herbs that are easily accessible to mothers when cooking. You can also add iron hanger for laying other cooking needs.

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A rustic style kitchen is always synonymous with furniture that uses rattan and wicker elements. Therefore, in presenting the concept in the kitchen, you can make a costum kitchen set with an open lower cabinet, and add a pull-out stroller to place the basket for tidier storage and easy to replace or move without dismantling the kitchen cabinet.

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