6 Flowers And Plants For Balcony

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Homeshabby.com -- Want to decorate the balcony area ? the balcony is one of the interesting places to find inspiration of just chat with family and friends. No matter how big the balcony is this time you can decorate it to be more beautiful with the presence of a garden of flowers and small plants for a more pleasant angle. 

Decorative plants for the blacony should not be arbitrary. For those of you who are interested ? See the list of flowers and plants for the following balcony.


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Do you want the balcony area to feel shady and lush with plants ? You can feel the coolness with the plants in a pot of various sizes. Types of plants that can decorate this small balcony area are rubber plants, monstera, meat leaf  hanging plant in holder pots, and cemara that green the atmosphere of the balcony.


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If your balcony area is narrow enough, you can make a small flower garden area with a planting medium of planter boxes that are pulled ove in a corner and a vertical garden that is equipped with hanging plants " sirih gading"  which displays beautiful and pleasan gradation leaf colors. 

If you like plants that flower, "peace lily" can be an option in a planter box. The green leaf color is large, looks charming with whiteflowers, adding to the charming balcony area of your home.

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The balcony area behind the sliding glass door of your private bedroom looks sweet and cool thanks to the presence of plants in pots arranged neatly in the corner of the door. The green plant is "Sri rejeki"  which has various and atractive leaf color shapes. This plant can survive even in cold or hot locations. THe durability possesed by aglaonema is the reason this plant can be grown indoors or in hot open spaces.

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The balcony of the house, which is equipped with a bench seat to relax, would certainly be boring without the presence of beautiful decorations or flowers that cheer up the atmosphere. With that in mind, fill in the gaps both on the benches and agains the balcony railing with plants. One clump with "Cornosa compacta"  but the "hoya cornosa variegata" type looks different from its expanded leaves. The white hue visible from the leaves adds to its appeal. This plants deserves to be a mainstay hanging plants to decorate your balcony.

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Plants for this balcony area paper flowers or "Bogenvile" . The shape is a small tree that is difficult to grow upright with brightly colored flowers and attracts attention because it grows lush. In addition, there are type of purslane plants. One species, namely "Portulaca oleracea" is known as beautiful grass plant and is often visited by butterflies as a food ingredient.


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