6 Economical Kitchen Designs


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Homeshabby.com -- Want to make an economical kitchen ? A simple kitchen design might be your solution. Various simple kitchen design can be presented through material selection to layout arrangement and utilization of existing spaces. Want to aplly a simple kitchen design to save costs? If you are still confused about what kind of simple kitchen design is suitable for your home, here are various simple kitchen design inspirations to help you create an economical but still beautiful kitchen design.

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Changing the kitchen set becomes simpler, by making a kitchen top table from ceramic finishing cement with lower cabinet storage and decorated with cute curtains that enhance the appearance. As for the walls, you can minimize cost by using wood panels as shelves so that you can put your kitchen needs openly and make simple kitchen design more spacious.

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Until now, wood material is still the choice of many people to make a kitchen set. For that, you can modify the wooden cabinet doors without finishing into a simple kitchen set complete with wooden furniture with matching colors. To make this wooden element stand out, you can apply white color to the walls and ceiling of your simple kitchen design.

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Who syas ecomonical can't appear luxurious ? To give an elegant impression to the simple kitchen design of your home. You can use the all-black concepts which is indeed becoming a trend to minimize the possibility of areas that are easily dirty. Kitchen set can use alumunium with black glass which is cheaper to hide messy kitchen utensils to look tidier and neat. The backplash to make it brighter, use a glosy bevel subway ceramic to make it look clean and modern.

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Making cement finishing ceramic as a table top is one simple kitchen design trick that is not only easy but also economical. This simple kitchen design is the right alternative for those of you who want to present simplicity at a low cost without looking cheap and suitable for small but functional kitchen designs. To match your character, you can add beautiful decorations in the form of cabinet curtains with girly motifs and miximize the empty walls as an efficient plate shelf area.

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If you have a minimalist kitchen and want to make it look more attractive at an afffordable cost, an alumunium kitchen set is an option that you can try ! Minimalist kitchen sets made of alumunium are often chosen because of their lightweight and durable materials. Combined with frosted glass that disguises stored kitchen utensils. Meanwhile, to save kitchen ingredients, you can create an open storage space so it doesn't seem full.

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