6 Creative Garden Ideas for Urban Home

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Homeshabby.com -- The cool atmosphere in the home environment can be realized by the presence of a garden around the house. Moreover, the garden is planted with various types of plants that are shady and look green so that it provides a more beautiful atmosphere. If you are confused about determining a cool garden design for your dream urban home, some of the following garden examples might be an inspiration.


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One example, a tall and shady tree on the empty land beside the back of the house you can create a spacious garden equipped with an open-concepts gazebo. You can add small stones as a path which will make the garden look even more beautiful. Combined with green grass and minimalis waterfall as an addition to a cool atmosphere in an urban home.


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If you house has a swimming pool, so that it is not too hot, you can add a green garden area on the side of it as access to hot air circulation to be more cool and shady. Using a trellis fence as a display of Lee kwan you  plants will make the area around the garden look more beautiful. The exiztence of a small garden beside the swimming pool will make your house feel cool even though it is in the middle of a big city.


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Having a residence squeezed by skyscrapers does not mean that you ignore green land or parks. The zen garden and dry garden design concept is perfect for indoor garden. Even though it is inside the house, the garden still feels cool. This type of Rubber plants  does have shady characteristics so that it can prevent direct sun exposure. As a result, you home will feel cooler and less hot.


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For those of you who have 2nd floor houses but don't have enough land to create an outdoor garden. You can create a vertical garden. You can create a vertikal garden by placing vines on the stair railing area so that it will grow upward with shades of green that fill the space to be greener and cooler. Don't forget to provide natural lighting so that plants can stay alive even in the house.


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You can create a garden design idea for an urban house with the concept of a relaxing area with a gravel floor and tumblr lamp decorations that twist on a large tree in the front of the house. That way, even though the weather is hot outside, your house and front yard will feel cool and won't make you sweat while on relaxing.


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