6 Blomming Style Garden Ideas for a Charming Outdoor Space


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Homeshabby.com -- Hi mom, always take care of her health! Looking for inspiration to decorate your home page to make it look more charming ? Having a small house does not mean that you have to be lonely without garden decorations, with a little creativity and use of land that is not excessive, you can still turn it into a beautiful green garden. The method is not difficult, you only need simple preparation. Here are six cool garden ideas on a variety of outdoor yards that look great!

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Even though you have a small yard in front of the house, you can still create a modern-style garden on your terrace. The land area planted with ornamental grass still provides an infiltration area and is effective in bringing a green garden atmosphere. Supported by a fish pond with a small size can complement the garden area to be fresher. In addition, the layout of potted plants and hanging plants adds to the beautiful atmosphere when sitting relaxed on the front porch.

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Still with a small front yard, you can also create a beautiful garden with exotic and elegant lighting. The limiting rooster fence will still make a beautiful apperance in the garden still pleasing to the eye from the blemish rooster holes from the outside of the house. To make the atmosphere even cooler, you can plant tall tress to make it more shady with yellow bamboo and gravel rocks that decorate the corners and floor of the garden that stands out.

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You house has neglected side land? Long land which is usually used as acces to the back of the house, will be a beautiful and green spot if you add various plants to the side of the space as a garden area that looks charming. Bordering on the "pisang hias"  plant, is an attractive choice to fill a fairly simple garden to be more enjoyable.

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If the side yard of the house is large, you can create a stylish garden on two sides at once. Arrange a variety of large potted plants on the side of the house while for the dividing wall, you can decorate them with "tanduk rusa" hanging plant which are identical to the color of yellow and green gradations of leaves that make the garden look cooler.

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In contrast to the backyard, it must have an empty corner of the page. Therefore, make the part of the parapet so that it feels full if "calatea" vines, so that it becomes a more beautiful background area. In addition, it doesn't take a lot of space to create an extra relaxing place at the back of your house. You only need to arrange cactus plants in pots and other small plants that tend to be easy to care for. Place lounge chairs and tables in the middle of a gardem surrounded by plants and artificial grass with carpet and cushions. Enjoy the warm afternoon air!

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