6 Best Plants to Grow On Rooftop in (Terrace)


Homeshabby.com -- Limited land makes your forced to give up the yard to be used as a carport or additional house space. The solution, the garden was moved to the rooftop. Presenting a roof garden is closely related to environmental factors for growing and the nature of plants. Choose plants that are suitable for the garden. just take a look best plants to grow on rooftop in terrace.


1. Cactus and nephrolepis plant

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Cactus and pakis plants that can live very hot climates. For that, this plant is perfect for sweetening your rooftop garden. Apart from that, the maintenance turned out to be quite easy and simple. Avoid the prickly cactus which can cause discomfort to the user. Choose cowboy cactus and kelabang pakis (nephrolepis) which beautify the rooftop as a relaxing area.
2.  Palem plants and a peace lily


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The attractive color variants offered by this peace lily flower can give your rooftop garden the pop of color it needs. To care for it, just provide good nutrition by providing manure or natural manure. Palem plants are also very suitable for tropical areas which can accompany rattan chairs sets which are comfortable with more green shades.


3.  Cypress (Cemara) and Orchid (Anggrek) Flowers

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Actually, orchids (Anggrek) cannot withstand direct sunlight, but you can put this beautiful flower on the rooftop gazebo which is more shady. In addition, cemara udang in neatly arranged pots can also be an option for a roof garden because they have slender stems, but pay attention to the condition of the plats every month. Even though the trunk is not big, if allowed to grow thickly the roots and stems still have the potential to damage the roof.


4.  Peppermint and chrysan plant

Picture : @saragasbarra

Have a large rooftop ? you can make the area more functional with a garden filled with beneficial flowers and plants. One them is peppermint and chrysan plant. Peppermint is one of the most widely grown types of mint, cultivated for medicinal and cullinary purpuses. This plant can grown almost anywhere that has moist soil and sufficient sunlight. Chrysan plant that offer beautiful flower color variants can also be an option that makes the rooftop garden more colorful.


5.  Pisang hias (Ornamental banana plant)

Picture : @wintarigan

One of the ornamental plants that can grown in pots or large soil media so it is suitable for a rooftop garden. This type of plant will not damage the roof of your house and usually grows a bit slowly. Has flowers with orange color that makes the rooftop garden more colorful. But make sure you provide water according to their needs. The reason is that the more frequent exposure to sunlight, the soil as a planting medium will dry out quikly and the minerals in it will quikly be absorbed.


6. Vegetables in a pot


 Picture : @chicagogardener

The large rooftop garden with wooden floors and natural brick dividers can be a gardening area as well as relaxing in a cool atmosphere. Types of plants other than ornamental plants and flowers, you can also plant various vegetables in plastic and wooden pots such as pumpkins with creeping leaves or guava and chilies  that can fulfill your cooking needs more practically.

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