6 Beautiful Designs of Small Kitchen Cupboards and Multifunction


Homeshabby.com -- To save kitchen equipment, it is necessary to have a cupboard with an attractrive and beautiful design. In a house with a small kitchen, a small but functional cupboard can be added. Here's 6 beautiful designs of small kitchen cupboards and multifunction for you.

Picture: @omah_pojokan

This small kitchen with rustic nuances is suitable if you add wooden cupboard that add a rustic impression to the kitchen. This cupboard consist of two parts, namely the closed part and open parts. You can put kitchen equipment in this cupboard.

Picture: @dwiatisa23

To save kitchen equipment, you usually need additional storage, you can use a beautiful and elegant combination of iron and glass cabinets. You can put in the corner of the room. The silver color in the cupboards matches the kitchen color, namely silver and gray.

Picture: @griyoherfi

The kitchen with the dominance of white gives an elegant impression and makes the kitchen look wider. Wooden cabinets with white color placed on the side of the kitchen wall look charming and elegant with clear glass.

Picture: @kartini_ig_id

The next of 6 beautiful designs of small kitchen cupboards and multifunction is a kitchen with letter L shape. When the upper and lower cabinets that you can arrange on the side of the room. This cupboard can be used to place plates, glasses, and other utensils.

Picture: @lenimizzle

Various types of cabinets to choose from for the kitchen, if you are looking for a small and functional wardrobe you can choose this vertical cupboard. You can accommodate a lot of items to store in this cupboard.

Picture: @shie_odhie

Quite a lot of kitchen utensils sometimes make us confused how to store them. You can add cabinets with various shapes that are suitables for your small kitchen. There is a cupboard with two doord and glass that make it easy for you to pick up things. There are also open cupboards that you can easily fit in your kitchen.

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