6 Affordable Ideas to Decorate Your Home


Homeshabby.com -- Want to decorate your house against cost ? No problem, we have some great tips for creating home decorations to your liking and of course economical. Basically, the main key that mattres is about choosing the right accessories and using them effectively. You'll be suprised how easy and affordable it is to create a cool look for your home decor !

Living room

You can get a large mirror for a low price but the effect is undeniable. For a luxurious and spacious look in a limited space living room. Wall ornaments made of dry materials have more special appeal at affordable cost compared to decorations made of metal.   A sofa that look plain, you can add a small decorative pillow with a contrasting color, so that the appearance of he room will also be more charming.



If you want to present a natural feel without extra care. You can replace the greenery with dry plm leaf decorations in a typical rustic style for your personal bedroom look. The price is also more affordable and easy to get. You can put it to fill the corner of the room with the jar pot.   As for wall creations, you can add a prominent focal point on the headboard section of the wall combined with timeless neutral paint.

Dressing room

Women definitely have a private space to make up. You can decorate the room with unfinished wood material as a long mirror frame, this doesn't need to be a big price right ! in addition, a rattan chair with a comfortable sofa seat can be an interior alternative for affordable decorations. Also adding a rug that will bring the effect of a calmer and warmer space to make yourself longer.


Your kitchen look boring ? You can change it into a more pleasing design using soft colors that make your days brighter. The costum kitchen set adapts the shape of the room, with open storage from wooden shelves on the wall to make it more efficient when cooking, and the lower cabinet can be added with cute polka-dotted curtains with rose pink nuances so that it can cover messy kitchen utensils.

Laundry area

Turning to the laundry area, you can put it together with the back garden area with a transparent roof concept, making it more homey and safer to dry in the house.  The design can be as natural as possible, a floor of green grass, gravel, and tiles to put the washing machine. Meanwhile, to give a fresher atmosphere, you can try the presence of plants on each side. The method is not easy and of course more affordable.

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