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Picture : @widhyieindah -- Hi moms, Choosing an interior design style for your design style for your home is often influenced by trends. What interior style trends are in great demand, usually that is the design style that is widely applied because it is easy to find interior trinkets that are on the rise. 

Compared to just following trends, it's good if you consider the type of interior design that will never go out of style. Here are some inspiring interior choices that can make the room in your home functional without fear of going out of style.

Picture : @home.dylan

Interior inspiration for lounge of family room that is almost impossible to be considered out of date. The details of the furniture choices are thick with modern nuances that are bright with the play of light that appears on the ceiling but bring warmth to this room which is dominated by white, cream and pastel blue. Due to the warm lighting, this house also brings with it a modern, durable impression.

Picture : @avie.novi

A room that tends to be plain and natural like this will still look cool for the next few years. Plain walls are clean white and are allowed to combine with the walls of polished wood and natural stone elements in the floor treatment giving an impression that is not simple but timeless. The space-saving lovation of the space under the stairs can make even a small house look functional in any style.

Picture : @widhyieindah

Another unique thing about a timeless home is that it doesn't have a particular trend to reference nor does it look "fad". In this case, not looking "fad" means giving priority to functional furniture. Instead of being confused about choosing the right sofa throughout the year, you can apply the concepts of on the floor, with a feather carpet as a base to gather while enjoying the TV, which is equipped with several comfortable pillows. Choose a neutral accent color, minimizing complicated decorations.

Picture : @ruangimpian

Get into a bedroom interior design that is timeless and not out of date. Natural color palettes in spaces such as whites, grays, beige or very light brown are ideal choices for a playful timeless style. Natural colors do not mean pale or make the occupants unable to show their personal touch according to their character, but you can highlight one of the element details with contrasting or dark colors such as dark gray on the curtains, green in additional plant decorations that make it cool.

Picture : @evieninon

In the kitchen design which is a place for the favorite activities of mothers. Avoid using ornamental elements that are too crowded and dense. Keep the design clean and natural. Timeless design strike a balance between filling and leaving room to "breathe". Choose room furnishing or fitting that are not too complicated and firm to keep it in balance with other furniture and decorations kitchen leave some areas of the wall plain without decorations to balance out other more crucial decorations.

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