Lighting Tips for the Different Space in Your Home


Picture : @rumah_angin -- Most people beautify their homes by maxing and matching furniture, there are also those who choose various colors of paint and wall coverings, but did you know that there is one thing that really affects the atmosphere of the room as a whole? it is room lighting.

Most of us probably understand that room lighting is simply done by installing lights on the ceiling. If you want to create a different room atmosphere with more interesting lighting. This article will discuss some lighting tips for different space in your home.

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1. Prioritize natural light sources

Before set with the lighting system for room ligting in your home, start by maximizing natural lighting. Make sure each room has openings for natural lighting sources. Window doors, house windows and even skyligts can be an option for a natural lighting system at home. Provide enough opening for a room with sufficien light needs. Maximize the number of openings in rooms that require more lighting.

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2. Create a game of color interior elements and lights

Please note, the color of the interior paint will also affect the atmosphere of the room lighting. If you want a bright room, use bright colors like white, light gray or cream accompanied by window lighting to make the lighting brighter. For rooms that need dim light, you can apply earthy-tone colors with yellow light that can liven up a warmer atmosphere.

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3. Complete room lighting with a lighting system

After the opening in the space has been maximized, complete the room lighting with lights. In choosing a lamp, make sure you understand every function of the light bulb used, from the main light to the decorative lights that hang on the ceiling of the room. To make it cooler and more stylish, choose glass or mirror material so that it can reflect lights with different colors in other rooms.

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4. Select the type of lighting that suits your needs

Maximizing the lighting system in each main room is very important. For main rooms, make sure the lighting system has several modes that can be used according to the situation and needs. Ensure one main room lighting system for important activites. Add a hidden light or spot light that is slightly dim for the focal point of an important part of the activity, such as the backplash for cooking space. That way, the room lighting system becomes more flexible.

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5. Prioritize environmentally friendly energy sources

Prioritize room lighting systems that are energy efficient and environmentally friendly as well as sunlight in the bathroom by installing glass windoows or glass blocks. The atmosphere will be maximized and fresher if granite or natural stone material can be displayed in the room. This will not only help the lighting system get better. Choosing an enviromentally friendly and energy efficient one also reduces the bill on electricity cost.

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