Green Walls : How They Can Improve You Home and Your Health -  Modern Interior with Unique Round Seats and Beautiful Indoor Green WallA green wall is a garden growing vertically, which can exist inside or outside the home. Each green wall placement, either indoor or outdoor, could create a healthy environment for you and your family.

Here are several things you should know on how green walls can improve air quality, protect your home and the environment, and be beneficial to your health.

How green wall can improve the air quality

Pollutants are all around us, both outdoors and indoors. Toxic fumes infiltrates into the air we breathe through the air system, which can lead to what we often call “Sick Building Syndrome.” Green wall can significantly cleanse toxins. In general, all plants absorb pollutants, and there are certain plants that do it efficiently. Each plant can remove toxins from the home or building; the more plants added, the more toxins are absorbed. A vertical garden can contain thousands of plants. The living walls can help to eliminate formaldehyde, VOCs, carbon monoxide and many other harmful pollutants.

How green wall can protect your home

Green wall can offer protection for your home building. The planting can prevent dramatic fluctuations in temperature then prevent the building from corrosion. The green wall can also keep the air inside the house cooler in the summer.

Why green wall is beneficial for health

The presence of plants can help your relieve stress. They can reduce noise and eliminate pollution. Gardens have a calming effect. Also, plants have been proven to increase productivity, improve peace, reduce the stress of fatigue, and offer energy-rich oxygen.

How to build your own green wall

First, you should decide where you want your green wall to be located; indoors or outdoors. It will be good to meet those who are experts on green wall for advice based on your needs and lifestyle. They will help you decide which plants would be best for you. Some plants such as bamboo palm, azalea, chrysanthemum (Chrysanths), aloe vera, ivy, and lily (Peace Lilies) are very good for eliminating toxins. Additionally, you will need to consider the wall to be used, whether it receives adequate direct sunlight or not. You also have to think about the level of humidity and water availability.

In addition to making your home healthy, living walls also make your home way more attractive. It definitely has more aesthetic value. Interested to install the green wall for your home?



How They Can Improve Your Home and Your Health

Author: Nurma
editor: Munawaroh
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