A Yellow and White Kitchen Ideas That is More Than Beautiful


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Homeshabby.com -- Want to have a different kitchen than usual? Try to make a kitchen room with shades of yellow combined with white. A touch of yellow can make the kitchen space look more rosy and cheerful. Cooking in the kitchen feels even more enthusiastic. While the white color accentuates a clean, bright and minimalist effect. Here is a row of kitchen design with a touch of beautiful yellow and white !

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The use of yellow paint in this small kitchen has succeeded in giving an expensive and elegant impression. Not only that, the yellow and white colors that stand out also create a brighter atmosphere in the kitchen. You can apply yellow to the backplash wall paint and cabinet doors so that the kitchen looks fresh. There is also a touch of green from ornamental plants that can give a vibrant pop finish !

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There is no need to use a yellow gradient that is too bright to give a bright impression. For the leter L kitchen, come up with pastel yellow in several parts, including a cabinet which is the main attraction of the kitchen set. In harmony with the floor which is punctuated by yellow tiles, the backplash and countertop come with white neutral color accents that make the area cleaner and more minimalist.

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Besides combining yellow and white in your beautiful kitchen, yellow also look great with black material accents. The backplash wall uses black brick tiles and the kitchen table top is deliberately given a touch of dark granite along with the selection of materials with a glossy surface. The soft touch, the rustic floor actually makes the kitchen look fresher and more up to date.

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 If you want a kitchen on a limited area with a broad impression, you can apply a concept like this. Let the lights illuminate the kitchen. Then, choose a kitchen set material that is able to reflect light with the dominant yellow and white coloring. The small U-shaped kitchen accents with a glass cabinet and open storage that looks relief which is guaranteed to make you more excited while cooking.

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Apart from using yellow as wall paint, you can also present this bright nuance in the kitchen through yellow furniture. If you feel the yellow paint is too busy, you can also just add a yellow cabinet or stool to complement the kitchen design. The kitchen won't look to crowded, but it still gives a fresh and cheerful impression with the addition of vine decorations and neutral natural color combinations.

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