6 Ways to Decorate a Small Kitchen


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Homeshabby.com -- A beautiful kitchen doesn't have to be big. If designed properly, even a tiny kitchen can have extraordinary visuals. Not only the overall kitchen design, but also the selection of decorations that take part in making the kitchen look beautiful and attractive. For those of you who need inspiration for a very cool small kitchen decoration, please see 6 ways to decorate a small kitchen !

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Typical kitchen design and decoration with a very thick industrial classic style. Starting from the unfinised cement that is visible from the side of the kitchen wall, using metal and black iron both on the open wall shelves and the kitchen set, as well as the unique pendant lights that increase the lighting in the kitchen better.

A U-shaped kitchen that maximizes the existing space seems spacious because of the use of open cabinets or shelves with simple decoration and kitchen utensils. So that the small kitchen will give mothers free space when cooking.

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It tends to be more modern, adopting a scandinavian style inspired by the use of wood and white brown in the overal kitchen concept. Small kitchen set made of shiny granite material, equipped with lighting and roller blinds that disguise heat, able to make a small kitchen look brighter, clean, elegant and comfortable to use. Colors that reflect light more optimally will make you more energy efficient during the day.

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Applying a simple and minimalist concept still makes this small kitchen decoration look beautiful and different from the others. The alumunium kitchen with the addition of natural patterned stickers and bright colors makes the impression of the kitchen cheeful and fun. As for storage space, you can minimize narrow space by pacing a hanging or floating shelf on the wall so that it will be more practical and efficient.

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For those of you who have multi-storey occupancy, using the space under the stairs is the most effective way. A small kitchen by maximizing the form of available space can use a cpstum kitchen set from cemen and the backplash can be left open for a more spacious impression. As for the spcae divider, add a coffee bar which can be a barrier to maintain privacy as well as a relaxing area that doesn't take up too much space.

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If you want to combine the dining room with the kitchen, you should make a kitchen set that extends so that it leaves so that it leaves a more spacious room dimension between the kitchen set and dining set. Placing the refrigerator, dispenser is angled while the upper cabinet is made closed with a combination of transparent glass as a neat and efficient storage container. Apply a neutral color palette with a combination of natural material thats support a brighter and cooler atmosphere in the small kitchen.

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