6 Terrace Designs that Will Make You Fall in Love with Your House


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Homeshabby.com -- The terrace is usually located at the front which can be the "face" and the first part that is seen from a house and will be a reflection of the house it self. So often the terrace is designed and laid out as best as possible to give a beautiful appearance. The important role of other house terraces is to be one part that can show the architectural beauty of the house. 

Here are some patio designs that make you fall in love and can be a reference for you. See in full, yes!

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This house looks so beautiful even in summer. Warm wood color with a distinctive cool nuance of the air absorbed by the many plants in the front yard. You can still enjoy your free time on the terrace, because the warm and calm wooden floors will make you feel at home for a long time enjoying the morning and evening atmosphere. With a semi-open theme, don't you feel like leaving home?

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Who says a tiny house can't have a beautiful terrace like a big house in general ? The simple design of terrace and surrounded by fresh le kwan yew greenery and dangling from the roof can change the facade to be more charming. Starting from the white accents on the walls that highlight the ceramic tiles that are closely related to artistic and cool elements. As for furniture, long wooden chairs with bottom shelves accompanied by pillows and blankets make the atmosphere warm.

Picture : @ind285

A terrace with a combination of gray and white, soft and light, can look relieved, if you pay more attention to the potted plants that decorate the terrace. Pottery pots are distinctive and look stand out among the calm color elements, you can arrange them on the left with minimalis models, or you can hang them on the ceiling of the terrace so that the terrace looks cooler to the eye. In addition, you can add a single iron chair to complement the terrace as well as be a relaxing area for you.

Picture : @tabloidrumah's

This modern classic residence has a terrace style that combines vintage and minimalist styles. Get around the narrow space, a unique mirror can be displayed on one side of the wall, while to put some beautiful planters, you can put it on a table or plant shelf which makes the corner of the terrace more prominent and gives a different impression.

Picture : @griya.yo

The rustic brown terrace house can be an inspiration for the next one. The house terrace using wood is indeed much in demand by the community and can make the appearance of the house terrace look luxurious, interesting and display a natural warm atmosphere because of the green plants that suuround it. 

By using wood elements, besides having the quality and strength og good materials, you will give a classic impression to the appearance of the house.

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