6 Steps to Arrange Plants in Living Room Beautiful and Cozy


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Homeshabby.com -- When buying new ornamental plants specifically for the living room, some people think about how to position and merge with each other properly. But thanks to the properly selected compositions, you can hide defects or produce different atmosphere in the interior of your home space. The indoor plants of the interior expand the room visually, creating a more beautiful and cozy atmosphere. Want to know the exact location and position in presenting plants in the living room ? Follow and check out the special tips for you.

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The cool living room makes the residents feel at home, including guest who come to visit. In addition to the use of openings such as glass doors to cool the room, decorating plants is also the easiest way to make the lviing room feel cooler, such as "pisang hias" and "philodendron". The green color of the leaves makes the interior of the lviing room aligned to look natural. Its placement in an empty corner next to the sofa and standing lamp also does not interfere with the circulation lines of the occupants of the house.

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Although your living room is cramped, you can outsmart it by placing a vase containing various kinds of flowers on the table and filling the corner of the remaining space with ornamental the plants that are easy to care for and have simple and medium-sized characteristics such as "cactus" to give a natural green impression among the gray and white sofa furniture with a touch of gold color that adds to the appearance of the living room is more elegant.

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The "philodendron" plant does fit and fits any living room style. Characterized by a small stem with leaves resembling "monstera"  widened and perforated in deep green this can be an option for your home. The size is quite high so as not to hinder the beauty of the space, you can place it on the side of the partition of the room or at the near the main door. So that the lighting bulkhead can emit yellow light to plants that attract attention.

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If the living room is minimalist, besides having enough lighting, you can give a natural touch of one or two types of plants in one room only. Put rattan pots containing "rubber plants" on the side of the window and tiny "lilies paris"  on the table. Choose a type of plant that requires little lighting and matches the indoor temperature.

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"Rubber plants" are suitable to be combined with any sofa color, either dark, neutral or striking. Because this plant has 2 colors of leaves namely green and red which makes the natural atmosphere more colorful and aesthetic. As for beautifying the top of the guest table, yiu can simply place a peach-colored vase aligned with the accent of the color of the sofa cushion in the living room.

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