6 Modern Kitchen Cabinets and Furniture


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Homeshabby.com -- Cooking activities in the kitchen will feel more comfortable and efficient if there is a kitchen cabinet and other neatly arranged furniture. This kitchen cabinet is a storage area for cooking utensils, cutlery, to kitchen ingredients. With a kitchen cabinet in the kitchen area, you don't have to walk far to prepare all your cooking needs. 

Like waht are examples of inspiration for modern kitchen cabinet images along with the right furniture for your kitchen needs? Consider the following :

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The first kitchen cabinet design with the opening to the side is the most commonly used. The side opening will make it easier for you to find furniture or cooking utensils in the cabinet. Cook is finished faster.

Made in costum with an L shape made from a combination of wood and frosted glass which is more natural. The size and height of the upper cabinet also adjusts to your needs, leaving room for the cooker hood to make the kitchen more comfortable.

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A kitchen cabinet with a door that opens up will be very suitable to be placed in a small kitchen on the upper wall, while for the lower part of the cabinet with a sliding forward opening that seems more space efficient. When attaching to the wall, make sure there is space left at the top so that the ceiling is not knocked over by this kitchen cabinet door. In this kitchen kabinet with the door opening upwards, you can store furniture that is often used, such as bowls, glasses, cups, and lunch boxes.

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Maximizing the existing kitchen space by using a cabinet model whose size covers all the elements. Maximizing the ceiling wall for both the lower and upper cabinets which are tightly closed as storage for kitchen furniture that seems hidden and tidier to the eye. 

The material is made of glossy metal with a lightning texture, black and white, which makes the space more masculine and bold. Combine it with wooden furniture and green plant decorations to make it look more alive and not monotous.

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In addition to the lower and upper cabinets with various materials and models of openings, you can make it a little relieved by the addition of open shelves above the top of the kitchen or attached to the backplash.

You will also find it easier to find items when you need them. If you want, colorful cutlery that is neatly arranged can be an indirect decoration for the kitchen space. Isn't that interesting ?

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If you are to afraid of having too many glass cabinets, especially because you have small children, then you can go for a stylish design with less features. With a variety of closed cabinet cabinets at the top and bottom and open on the backplash, you can sort out which furniture to display and which are stored tightly for a tidier impression. To be more dramatic, you can add bright white lighting to your kitchen backplash layer.

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